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LNG stations in Czech Republic in

LNG stations in Czech Republic in

The National Energy and Climate Plan of the Czech Republic contains the main emission reduction targets for the period 2021-2030 and with longer-term targets for 2050. Total investments related to the fulfillment of the National Plan of Energy and Climate of the Czech Republic are estimated between 1,000 and 5,000 million CZK.

The Government of the Czech Republic establishes in this plan the need to develop a network of LNG refueling points in the Czech Republic in order to reduce emissions from freight transport.

The system of support and use of these alternative fuels in transport in the Czech Republic is important and significant support is applied in the form of a reduced rate of excise duty on natural gas, which is about half of that applied applies to conventional fuels. In addition, vehicles powered by natural gas are exempt from road tax and subsidies are granted to local authorities

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Map of Service Stations with LNG in Czech Republic

KAPLICEStřítežČeský Krumlov
MLADÁ BOLESLAVKosmonosyMladá Boleslav
--Prague / Praha 5 Praha
--České BudějoviceČeské Budějovice
--Hradec KrálovéHradec Králové
--Ústí nad LabemÚstí nad Labem
--Karlovy VaryKarlovy Vary
--Jablonec nad NisouJablonec nad Nisou
--Mladá BoleslavMladá Boleslav

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June 25, 2021. The fourth LNG station in the Czech Republic will go into service at the end of the year.

In the near future there are projects for the construction of 18 new LNG stations in the Czech Republic. According to various studies, liquefied methane is the only alternative fuel currently usable for heavy freight transport. Its future potential lies in the transition to bioLNG. Like bioLPG, which first appeared in the Czech Republic last year, it can reduce CO2 emissions even more significantly, using existing infrastructure.

There are currently three LNG filling stations in operation in the Czech Republic. Two of them are mobile and are managed by GasNet, the largest Czech gas distributor. According to the company, it plans to commission another fixed LNG station at the end of 2021 and beginning of 2022. Primagas is currently the dominant LNG supplier on the Czech market.

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