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LNG stations in Slovenia in

LNG stations in Slovenia in

The demand for natural gas in Slovenia is expected to continue growing due to an increase in the use of Liquefied Natural Gas for road transport, although to do so the network of service stations that offer LNG must increase.

The Government of Slovenia is interested in promoting LNG, placing special emphasis on liquid biomethane, which is also called BioLNG. Biomethane is obtained by gasification of woody biomass or from biogas produced by the decomposition of organic matter. Not only does it prevent the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere due to the decomposition of organic matter, but since it originates from plant matter, it absorbs CO2 and can result in negative net emissions.

The network of LNG refueling stations in Slovenia is still scarce but there are already many projects to increase the number of points where vehicles that use Liquefied Natural Gas, or in the near future BioLNG, can be refueled.

In Slovenia there are currently


stations with LNG for sale

Map of Service Stations with LNG in Slovenia

Partizanska cesta 796210Sežana
Letaliska cesta 251000Ljubljana
  Novo mesto
  Nova Gorica
  Škofja Loka
  Murska Sobota
  Slovenska Bistrica
  Slovenj Gradec
  Ravne na Koroškem

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