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For the sustainable development of natural gas transportation infrastructure in Romania, through the Development Plan of the National Gas Transportation System for the next 10 years, the Government of Romania proposes a broad investment program for strategic development and infrastructure in Romania, which will allow the alignment of the National Transmission System with European transport and operation requirements, while guaranteeing its compliance with European environmental protection regulations.

In the context of geopolitics and geostrategy of European energy routes, Romania benefits from the advantages of its geographical location in important natural gas transportation corridors with access to natural gas resources discovered in the Black Sea, which leads to the need to effectively take advantage of these opportunities.

LNG is an important step towards the decarbonization of Romania and BioLNG is a decisive step towards environmental objectives in a country with a long tradition in the use of natural gas. They are not mutually exclusive, but can complement each other and thus can be marketed in the network of LNG filling stations in Romania. BioLNG is a clean fuel that reduces CO2 emissions by around 85% and comes from 100% sustainable biomass (manure, agricultural waste, food waste).

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 Târgu MureșTransilvania
 Baia MareMaramureș
 Satu MareMaramureș
 Râmnicu VâlceaOltenia
 Drobeta-Turnu SeverinOltenia
 Piatra NeamțMoldova
 Târgu JiuOltenia

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April 4, 2022. Romania's first liquefied gas station will be built in Constanta.

The Italian who in the 90s brought the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) distribution company ButanGas to Romania, owned by the first Romanian billionaire Iosif Constantin Drăgan, returns to build the first liquefied natural gas (LNG) filling station in Constanta. from the country. It is a business that has caught on very well in Italy and could be very useful, especially now that all of Europe is struggling to free itself from its progressive dependence on Russia.

The company that will build the first LNG station was established in 2020, has its headquarters in Constanta and has already received the urban planning certificate. The business successor of billionaire Iosif Constantin Drăgan plans to initially build three LNG stations of this type, in Constanța, Bucharest and Arad, with the medium-term goal of 12 filling stations that can offer LNG in Romania.

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