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LNG stations in Belgium in

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In the first six months of the year, the Belgian LNG market registered a strong increase. With brands like Iveco dominating the market, with Scania and Volvo greatly improving their results. In addition to the major truck brands, other vendors are also entering the market. "Over the past two years, retrofit manufacturers have retrofitted a number of vehicles with some success. Belgian companies are also offering quality upgrades in engine conversions to run on LNG.

One of the great advantages for the LNG market is the development of Bio LNG with a growing network of service stations that offer Bio LNG.

With the addition of new companies, the network of LNG filling stations in Belgium will grow rapidly. For example, one of the leading LNG companies in the Dutch market, Rolande, has just opened its first LNG station in Belgium. This deployment is part of the European BIOLNG4EU program. As a specialist in LNG transport, Rolande continues to expand his European network. After opening its first LNG filling station in July, the Dutch group is now tackling the Belgian market with a first facility in Antwerp.

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Map of Service Stations with LNG in Belgium

HerstalSHELLHermée 201
MaasmechelenSHELLSlakweidestraat 40
MenenSHELLTrolystraat 8
AntwerpenSHELLRomeynsweel 1
MeerSHELLRiyadhstraat 11
GentSHELLBelgicastraat 10z/n
RekkemTOTALLae Rijksweg 746
KalloTOTALSteenlandlaan 3
VeurneROLANDEWelvaartstraat 5
La LouvièreROLANDERue du Bois de la Hutte
WaalwijkROLANDESpuiweg 25
HeverleeROLANDEA3 Luik
LonderzeelROLANDENijverheidsstraat 9
TessenderloROLANDEHyundailaan 2
BeverenROLANDESteenlandlaan 3
AntwerpenG&VKaai (Noorderlaan) 528
LokerenLNGDijkstraat 9
NinoveLNGPamelstraat oost 456
MenenLNGRijksweg 6
HabayLNGRoute des Coeuvins 3
Brussels / Bruxelles / Brussel  
Gand / Gent  
Liège / Luik 

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June 25, 2018. Shell opens its first LNG filling station in Belgium

AECOM, the global infrastructure services company, has delivered a number of multi-disciplinary services over the past two years on behalf of Shell, including full project management and construction capabilities, throughout the construction of the site.

The new supply point has been built in Herstal, Rue du Hermée. AECOM was awarded the EPCM contract for the Shell Retail Capital Development Program in the Benelux in 2016. As a builder of LNG stations, most recently in the Netherlands, AECOM oversaw activities ranging from civil design, permitting , bidding, programming and even the construction, commissioning and testing of the LNG equipment. Following completion, AECOM is now responsible for the maintenance management of the LNG station.

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