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In the first six months of the year, the Belgian LNG market recorded a strong increase. "In terms of brands. It is no surprise that Iveco dominates the market, with Scania and Volvo exerting a very strong pressure, which leads to very good results. Scania and Volvo performing very well," he continues. In addition to the major truck brands, other suppliers are also entering the market. "In the last two years, retrofit manufacturers have retrofitted several vehicles with some success. Belgian companies are also offering quality improvements in converting engines to run on LNG.

One of the big advantages for the LNG market is the development of BioLNG. "In Belgium, we were a bit behind other countries," he said. "The first delivery point is from December 2018, and this year there will be one or two more sites, so there will be more volume available in the market. There are about fifteen projects planned for the next three years. This may not seem a lot, but for us it is a lot, considering that it is a start-up in the sector," he explains.

With the addition of new players, the network of LNG refueling stations in Belgium is set to grow rapidly. For example, one of the leading LNG companies in the Dutch market, Rolande, has just opened its first LNG station in Belgium. This deployment is part of the European BIOLNG4EU program. As a specialist in LNG transportation, Rolande continues to expand its European network. After opening its first LNG refueling station in Germany in July, the Dutch group is now tackling the Belgian market with a first facility in Antwerp.

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SHELLHerstalHermée 2014040 Herstal
SHELLMaasmechelenSlakweidestraat 403630 Maasmechelen
SHELLRekkemTriloystraat 88930 Kortrijk-Rekkem
SHELLport d'AnversRomeynsweel 12030 Antwerpen
SHELLGentBelgicastraat 10z/n9042 Gent
ROLANDERomac Fuels VeurneWelvaartstraat 58630 Veurne
ROLANDERomac Fuels HoudengRue du Bois de la Hutte7110 Houdeng-Goegnies
ROLANDEDrive Systems HeverleeSpuiweg 255145 NE Waalwijk
ROLANDEDrive Systems HeverleeA3 Luik > 3001 Brussel3001 Heverlee
ROLANDELNG Drive LonderzeelNijverheidsstraat 91840 Londerzeel
ROLANDEDrive Systems TessenderloHyundailaan 23980 Tessenderlo
ROLANDELNG Drive KalloSteenlandlaan 39130 Beveren
Q8Q8 RanstE3132520 Ranst
G&VG&V AntwerpenKaai (Noorderlaan) 5282030 Antwerpen
LNGTankterminal N.V. LokerenDijkstraat 99160 Lokeren
LNGTankstation Remitrans/AS24Pamelstraat oost 4569400 Ninove
LNGPitpoint LAR RekkemLar 38930 Menen
LNGG&V HabayRoute des Coeuvins 36723 Habay

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