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LNG stations in Slovakia in

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The liquefied natural gas vehicle market is experiencing moderate growth in Slovakia and based on these encouraging numbers, the Government of Slovakia approved a National Plan that established measures to promote the use of LNG as a fuel for the transportation of goods.

And the results are not long in coming since the number of heavy vehicles that use Liquefied Natural Gas as fuel is increasing. And this fuel stands out because it has the possibility of strong development if the objectives of the national plan to build new refueling infrastructure and the gradual construction of new LNG refueling stations are met.

Within the framework of the national plan, a number of LNG refueling stations in use was established by 2025. A number that is being exceeded, thus guaranteeing a network of LNG refueling stations that will provide adequate service to the trucks and buses that are purchased. in the coming years in Slovakia.

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Map of Service Stations with LNG in Slovakia

BOSTAPoint ParkLozorno
SPPAutomobilová ulicaTrnava
BOSTADialničná cesta 4570/2ASenec
HaboLNGKaukazska 2Petržalka
SPPStrojnícka 9Prešov
HaboLNG(Areal G+G) Hlavná 1429Bytča
HaboLNGJesenná 18Prešov
  Banská Bystrica
  Považská Bystrica
  Nové Zámky
  Spišská Nová Ves
  Liptovský Mikuláš

List of LNG service stations in Slovakia

News about LNG service stations in Slovakia

February 9, 2023. SPP plans to open two more LNG filling stations in 2023.

In Trnava, on Automobilova Street, which is part of the city ring road, next to the Shell gas station, SPP has opened its first LNG gas station. You can also refuel with CNG. This large-capacity gas station will serve not only for heavy goods transportation, but also for buses and cars. Motorists will be able to take advantage of its convenient location, with direct connection to the R1 motorway and the D1 motorway.

The new filling station was built within the framework of the fueLCNG project, which aims to create a pilot network of three LNG filling stations located along the main corridors of the TEN-T network within the Slovak Republic. SPP will open two more service stations later this year in Prešov and in the border rest area D2 Brodské. The fueLCNG project is supported by the European Commission and is co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).

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