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LNG stations in Switzerland in

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Mobility is responsible for a third of CO2 emissions in Switzerland. A range of solutions is therefore needed to gradually reconcile the need for mobility and sustainable climate protection. For this reason, gasoline and diesel engines will gradually be replaced in the future by a variety of energy carriers. Among them is liquefied natural gas, or its later evolution, bioLNG.

LNG can only be refueled at certain service stations in Switzerland. However, it is unlikely that you will have problems refueling at these stations, located along the main roads, and which are beginning to have a significant number for a not very large country like Switzerland. Public stations are accessible to everyone, without the need for an identification card, with payment by bank card or by supply contract and payment by invoice.

LNG can now be used as fuel in Switzerland without excessive problems, but when refueling the particularities of the fuel must be taken into account, therefore, anyone who works with vehicles equipped with these engines must be sensitized, instructed or trained in consequence for the use of a supplier from the Swiss LNG refueling station network

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Map of Service Stations with LNG in Switzerland

Lidl StationLa Condémine 2Sévaz
Krummen KerzersIndustriestrasse 26Egerkingen
GasComKriegackerstrasse 36Muttenz
Lidl StationDunantstrasse 15Weinfelden
  St. Gallen

List of LNG service stations in Switzerland

News about LNG service stations in Switzerland

July 14, 2019. Krummen Kerzers and Lidl Switzerland open the first LNG filling station for trucks

With the opening of Switzerland's first liquefied natural gas (LNG) filling station for trucks, the "Goodbye Diesel - Hello LNG" project is accelerating. Krummen Kerzers AG and Lidl Switzerland collaborate to make logistics more sustainable. The commissioning of the service stations took place on June 28 with the participation of representatives of politics, business and administration, with a symbolic first refueling.

The facility was built on the premises of the Lidl goods distribution center on Dunantstrasse in Weinfelden, canton of Thurgau. To guarantee the supply of liquefied natural gas on the important Swiss east-west axis, another LNG filling station has come into operation in Sévaz.

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