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Although financial incentives for the purchase and use of this proven and environmentally friendly technology are still lacking in Austria, the interest of shipping companies in LNG is growing. More and more businessmen want to apply more sustainability in their operations. 90% less NO2, 99% less particles and around 20% less CO2 (up to -95% with biomethane) are without doubt the best available and realistic environmental propositions. 20% lower fuel costs, made up of 10% lower fuel consumption compared to diesel equivalent and 10% lower fuel costs, are of course another advantage when calculating efficiency. energetic. A large number of practical applications have already confirmed these values in detail. With a range adapted to the needs of customers with the appropriate LNG vehicle for each application in local and long-distance transport, with a performance equivalent to the usual 460 CV in heavy transport and with a range of up to 1,600 km, that already meets the needs of carriers

LNG is a sustainable option for transport companies, as this alternative fuel emits up to 20% less CO2 than comparable diesel vehicles. If LNG is used as biogas, the proportion can even be reduced by up to 90%," explains Stefan Ziegert, Product Manager Sustainable Transport Solutions at Scania Germany Austria. The balance sheet is also excellent when it comes to reducing carbon dioxide emissions. nitrogen, NOx and particulates "The new gas engines also meet the requirements of the PIEK noise directive, which stipulates a maximum noise level of 72 dB(A) in noise-sensitive areas such as city centers and residential areas.

The drive for the use of Liquefied Natural Gas in Austria is being supported by the production of Biomethane, which drastically reduces emissions, producing enormous environmental benefits, making the supply of LNG at Austrian service stations a practically emission-free activity net. The support of the Government of Austria to the production of Biomethane is motivating companies to open new service stations offering LNG for transport.

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Donaustraße 5EnnsOberösterreich
Anton-Hermann-Straße 3Feldkirchen bei GrazSteiermark
Rauchenwartherstraße 13aHimberg bei WienNiederösterreich
Andiesen 8St. Marienkirchen bei SchärdingOberösterreich
-,--Wien / ViennaWien
-,--St. PöltenNiederösterreich
-,--Krems an der DonauNiederösterreich

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April 24, 2023. Shell opens its first LNG filling station in Austria

The oil and gas group Shell opens its first LNG filling station in Austria, in St. Marienkirchen near Schärding. Marienkirchen, near Schärding. Some 35 tons of LNG will be dispensed there daily, which is equivalent to filling 200 tanker trucks. Over the next few years, Shell plans to build up to five LNG filling stations in Austria, the next of which is expected to be in Walserberg (Salzburg) this year. Throughout 2024, LNG will be offered from biogas, in addition to fossil fuel.

Shell plans to liquefy the biomethane from slurry and manure in the future and offer it as "Bio-LNG." A liquefaction plant is currently being built in Cologne. LNG from biogas also releases CO2 during combustion, but since it is produced from agricultural residues, the CO2 balance is much more sustainable.

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