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LNG stations in Ireland in

LNG stations in Ireland in

A government consultation was carried out by the Department of Environment, Climate and Communications (DECC) of Ireland to review the security of energy supply of Ireland's natural gas systems, and the DECC invited all interested parties to provide their comments and evidence on the wide range of options that could be applied to support the security of gas supply in Ireland by establishing the need for additional capacity to import natural gas.

Due to this and other reports, Ireland is planning to build an LNG transportation facility that would allow the use of Liquefied Natural Gas in Ireland, thus initiating the possibility of creating a network of LNG refueling points in Spain

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) suggests that energy security can be strengthened by increasing energy efficiency and the indigenous supply of renewable energy where the large implementation of Biogas could lead to a supply of renewable BioLNG

In Ireland there are currently


stations with LNG for sale

Map of Service Stations with LNG in Ireland

 Cork Cork
 Galway Galway
 Waterford Waterford &  Kilkenny
 Drogheda Louth &  Meath
 Swords[a] Dublin
 Dundalk Louth
 Bray Wicklow &  Dublin
 Navan Meath
 Kilkenny[b] Kilkenny
 Ennis Clare
 Carlow Carlow &  Laois
 Tralee Kerry
 Newbridge Kildare
 Portlaoise Laois
 Balbriggan Dublin
 Naas Kildare
 Athlone Westmeath &  Roscommon
 Mullingar Westmeath

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