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LNG stations in Serbia in

LNG stations in Serbia in

For carriers and freight forwarders, operating costs are critical. And that is where LNG shines in Serbia, as fuel costs for LNG vehicles are lower than those for diesel. This advantage is likely to continue as global LNG production capacity increases, making it easier and more efficient to use in Serbia. Heavy vehicle demand in Serbia for LNG is expected to increase, which will further reduce purchase costs and make LNG a competitive alternative to diesel.

The recent natural gas import agreements reached between Serbia and the Russian company Gazprom could accelerate the implementation of Liquefied Natural Gas as a transport fuel, making possible the implementation of a network of LNG refueling stations in Serbia

Likewise, the projects for natural gas liquefaction and regasification plants that are developed in the Balkans and the Adriatic Sea could favor the growth of the network of LNG service stations in the Balkans.

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Map of Service Stations with LNG in Serbia

Peta centralna radna 14Пета централна радна 14Nova PazovaНова Пазова
  Beograd [Belgrade]Београд
  Novi SadНови Сад
  Užice (Titovo Užice)Ужице
  Novi PazarНови Пазар
  Sremska MitrovicaСремска Митровица
  Jagodina (Svetozarevo)Јагодина
  Vrbas (Titov Vrbas)Врбас
  Bačka PalankaБачка Паланка

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August 30, 2019. Serbia and Russia will build natural gas stations in Serbia

"Serbia and Gazprom will aim to supply LNG that will be produced in the country to guarantee the supply of areas that are not covered by the gas pipeline network," said Serbian Energy Minister Aleksander Antić after a meeting with the CEO of Gazprom, Alexey Miller. Mr. Antić said that Gazprom Neft, the oil arm of the Russian company, was also showing interest in building a Serbian petrochemical plant.

In March, the Serbian government said it was studying the construction of four LNG-powered plants in Kragujevac, Nis, Belgrade and Novi Sad, as well as natural gas stations in western Serbia. The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, explained that the objective is to promote the reindustrialization of the country.

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