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LNG stations in Croatia in

LNG stations in Croatia in

The transport sector in the countries of the European Union is responsible for 20% of all emissions. The European Union promotes the development of alternative fuels to reduce the carbon footprint. Croatia as a country dependent on oil imports is also considering increasing the use of natural gas vehicles in transportation.

For all these reasons, the Government of Croatia is promoting the creation of a network of service stations that offer Liquefied Natural Gas for the road transport sector that can benefit from cheaper fuel and can access the services offered from the large companies that already request ecological vehicles for their logistics services

The first projects are already being processed to expand the LNG supply network in Croatia, which is preparing for a future implementation of Bio LNG, of renewable origin, and which may be offered in the same facilities that are now being made to offer LNG

In Croatia there are currently


stations with LNG for sale

Map of Service Stations with LNG in Croatia

CroLNGKukuljanovo Primorje-Gorski Kotar
-,--Zagreb  Zagreb
-,--Split  Split-Dalmatia
-,--Rijeka  Primorje-Gorski Kotar
-,--Osijek  Osijek-Baranja
-,--Zadar  Zadar County
-,--Velika Gorica Zagreb County
-,--Pula Istria County
-,--Slavonski Brod  Brod-Posavina
-,--Karlovac  Karlovac County
-,--Varaždin  Varaždin County
-,--Šibenik  Šibenik-Knin
-,--Dubrovnik  Dubrovnik-Neretva
-,--Sisak  Sisak-Moslavina
-,--Kaštela Split-Dalmatia
-,--Samobor Zagreb County
-,--Bjelovar  Bjelovar-Bilogora
-,--Vinkovci Vukovar-Srijem
-,--Koprivnica  Koprivnica-Križevci
-,--Čakovec  Međimurje
-,--Solin Split-Dalmatia
-,--Zaprešić Zagreb County
-,--Đakovo Osijek-Baranja
-,--Sinj Split-Dalmatia
-,--Vukovar  Vukovar-Srijem
-,--Požega  Požega-Slavonia
-,--Petrinja Sisak-Moslavina
-,--Kutina Sisak-Moslavina

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