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The climate and environmental impact of transport is one of Sweden's main policy challenges. And so, the Swedish Parliament has decided that Sweden will have a fossil fuel-free vehicle fleet by 2030. There are already several initiatives underway to formulate a strategy, with clear measures, to achieve this goal and road transport is the sector of society that most depends on petroleum products.

To achieve this, policy makers and authorities must draw up a concrete action plan for the introduction of infrastructure and the construction of the market, in cooperation with the actors in the sector. The proposal for a national biogas strategy, which Energigas Sweden has drawn up together with several other actors, should be an important starting point for the penetration of Liquefied Natural Gas in the transport sector in Sweden.

Already today the network of service stations that offer LNG, or Bio LNG, is numerous for the country's needs. And it is the objective of the country's authorities to move towards a total introduction of Bio-LNG Recharging Stations, as an alternative fuel with negative emissions, that is, they emit less CO2 than they remove from the atmosphere.

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Map of Service Stations with LNG in Sweden

GASUMGårdstens Industriväg 6Agnesberg
Circle K Varuvägen 2-10Älvsjö
GASUMHalmsjövägen 40Arlandastad
Volvo Truck CenterMor Marnas väg 2Arlöv
GASUMBjörnängsvägen 1Bålsta
GASUMGjutargatan 24Borlänge
GASUMNorra Stenebyvägen 4Göteborg
PreemLundsängsvägen 1Götene
FordonsGas Sverige ABImportgatan 4Hisings Backa
SHELLKraftgatan 11Jönköping
GASUMFrysvägen 1Jönköping
GASUMKarlsro 103Kalmar
GASUMBråtebäcksvägen 17Karlstad
GASUMÖpotovägen 2Kristianstad
Svensk BiogasTjälvegatanLinköping
Smalandska BranslenMärta Ljungbergsvägen 65Ljungby
Circle K Handelsvägen 15Luleå
GASUMSandbäcksvägen 135Mariestad
Svensk BiogasHallevadsgatan 17Mjölby
GASUMStröbogatan 27Norrköping
Svensk BiogasKvicksilvergatan 3Norrköping
Circle K Berglundavägen 3Örebro
GASUMBerglundavägen 7Örebro
GASUMBrosslarvägen 3Östersund
GASUMArbetsledarvägen 3Sundsvall

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News about LNG service stations in Sweden

March 14, 2023. Gasum opens a new LNG gas station in Luleå

The energy company Gasum continues to expand its network of gas service stations in the Nordic region. The newly opened station in Luleå allows Gasum to meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly biogas, even in the northernmost parts of Sweden. Luleå station is the result of cooperation between Sandahls Logistik and Gasum.

The Nordic energy company Gasum has opened a new gas station in Luleå. Transport companies operating in the northernmost part of Sweden can now refuel with liquid and compressed gas in Luleå. With the establishment of the new station, Gasum expands the station corridor by another 250 km. Gasum now has 23 liquefied gas filling stations in Sweden and a total of more than 50 throughout the Nordic region.

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