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HVO 100 Stations in Romania in

All those in Romania who sigh at the thought of diesel engines going out of production now see a glimmer of hope. Automakers are allowing HVO100 to be used in most cases, at any location in Romania. The sustainable fuel will reduce CO2 emissions by 70-95%. HVO is made from burnt oil used for frying food and agricultural waste that is converted to aliphatic hydrocarbons by hydrogenation.

Thus, HVO is not only beneficial for the environment, but also for decreasing the amount of waste after the useful life of different materials. If you're wondering where you can fill up with HVO, there are hundreds of gas stations that offer it at the pump, and new horizons could accelerate its expansion to all corners.

In Romania the possibility of acquiring HVO100 is only possible by refueling at service stations in other countries with no service in the country yet.

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