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HVO 100 Stations in Netherlands in

HVO 100 Stations in Netherlands in

The Dutch government has recently implemented the Renewable Energy Directive II (RED II) with which the EU aims to halt the growth of biofuels from food and feed and phase out biofuels from palm oil, due to the ecological impact of their production. Instead, the increase in renewable energy in transport should come from advanced (bio)fuels, which can be produced from the feedstocks listed in Annex IX of the RED II.

This includes the use of waste oils and fats, including the use of used cooking oil (UCO), as listed in Annex IX B. The production of biodiesel from waste oils and fats is a relatively mature and cheap technology in the form of HVO, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil.

The use of HVO in the fossil diesel blend is very common, having one of the highest utilisation rates in the world with consumption targets of up to 16% of renewable energy used for transport. With this, the investment in a network of filling stations has been important in the country, achieving a large implantation.

In the Netherlands there are 131 filling stations offering HVO100 for sale to the public with an even higher number of refuelling points offering other grades of blending with traditional diesel such as HVO50 or HVO20.

Map of Stations with HVO in Netherlands

List of HVO stations in Netherlands

GP GROOTDiamantweg 32 1812 RC Alkmaar
TEXACONieuw-Zeelandweg 19 1045 AL Amsterdam
TEXACOEcofactorij 13 7325 WC Apeldoorn
ESSO EXPRESSArnhemseweg 13 7037 CX Beek
TEXACOHazeldonk 6255 4836 LG Breda
TAMOILSint Bonifaciuslaan 83 5643 NB Eindhoven
GP GROOTBornholmstraat 99 9723 AW Groningen
ESSO EXPRESSFahrenheitsstraat 2 8861 NH Harlingen
TEXACOPluto 3 8448 CM Heerenveen
TEXACOBoswoning 2 2675 BD Honselersdijk
FIREZONEMorseweg 1c 8912 BG Leeuwarden
TAMOILVia Regia 170 6217 JZ Maastricht
TEXACOKoopvaardijweg 18 6541 BS Nijmegen
TAMOILMartin Luther Kingweg 21 3069 EW Rotterdam Ommoord
TAMOILBredaseweg 11-13 4844 CK Terheijden
TAMOILTractaatweg (op- en afrit naar N62) 4532 EC Terneuzen Zuidpoort
TAMOILRingbaan Noord 177 A 5046 AA Tilburg
ESSO EXPRESSL. von Bonninghausenstraat 33 7651 AA Tubbergen
FIREZONEKoningin Máximalaan 3 1421 NS Uithoorn
TAMOILGeenhovensedreef 26 5552 BD Valkenswaard
ESSO EXPRESSRondweg Oost 12 3907 JZ Veenendaal
TAMOILDe Bunders 2 5467 JZ Veghel
TEXACOSnelliusstraat 46 7102 ED Winterswijk
FIREZONEKleefstraat 7 8028 PR Zwolle (Hessenpoort)

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