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HVO 100 Stations in Belgium in

HVO 100 Stations in Belgium in

HVO, also known as blue diesel, is a high-end diesel substitute made entirely from renewable raw materials or waste materials. It is the most sustainable diesel vehicle fuel on the market, with no less than 89% less CO2, but also 30% less particulate matter and 9% less nitrogen oxide compared to regular diesel.

The HVO is suitable for all modern diesel vehicles that comply with the EN15940 standard (trucks, cars and vans). The big advantage is that these diesel vehicles do not need any modification. This is an easy way to make your fleet sustainable. Refuelling is done at the same speed as with normal diesel.

Thus, because of the ease of use of HVO100 in today's engines and the existing refuelling infrastructure itself, the roll-out is very fast in Belgium's transport fleets, with a rapid expansion of its supply at service stations open to the public.

The fuel is currently available at more than 10 stations in Belgium and at more than 500 locations worldwide.

Map of Stations with HVO in Belgium

List of HVO stations in Belgium

EG Retail TexacoCh. de Wavre 20091160 Auderghem
EG Retail TexacoCh. de Nivelles 3001420 Braine l'Alleud
Q8 LokerenZelebaan 339160 Lokeren
Q8 MechelenBrusselsesteenweg 4462800 Mechelen
Q8 Ranst - SouthE34 Antwerpen > Turnhout2520 Ranst - South
Q8 RotselaarWingepark 333110 Rotselaar
Q8 Verlaine - NorthE42 Liege > Charleroi4537 Verlaine - North
Q8 Zaventem NossegemLeuvensesteenweg 5831930 Zaventem Nossegem
TOTALGerard Mercatorstraat 23920LOMMEL
MAESKerkhofstraat 931840 Londerzeel
MAESPullaar 2092870 Puurs-Sint-Amands

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