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In 2018 Romania signed the Hydrogen Initiative. By signing this proposal, Romania committed to further research and innovation on how to use hydrogen as an energy source for the future. Hydrogen and its associated technologies are being explored for use in the electricity storage sector, the transport sector and industry. The National Centre for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells ("ICSI") develops and implements projects on new technologies (including hydrogen projects). ICSI was a partner in the HyUnder project and has collaborated with the Joint Technology Initiative on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Research Group and the N.ERGY Group.

In 2012, the Romanian Association for Hydrogen Energy ("AEHR") was founded. The AEHR aims to support actions related to the hydrogen economy and fuel cells, as well as the infrastructures and renewable energies associated with them. This will be achieved through: technology transfer, promotion of Romanian contributions, close cooperation with international and national associations, support to the implementation of educational policies and research and promotion of education.

The "Choose Renewable Hydrogen" initiative currently includes companies and associations also operating in Romania, such as EDP, Enel, Iberdrola and MHI Vestas. The initiative is expected to develop renewable hydrogen projects within the scope of the European Green Deal. According to the Integrated National Plan in the field of Energy and Climate Change 2021-2030 ("PNIESC"), submitted to the European Commission in April 2020, the Romanian authorities are considering the implementation of a number of pilot and demonstration projects to promote the use of hydrogen in electricity production and industrial sectors.

The Romanian government has recently adopted a Memorandum of Understanding initiated by the Ministry of European Funds and supported by the Ministry of Education and Research. The Memorandum proposes to finance, in the next programming period (2021-2027), Romania's first dedicated hydrogen centre for research and development regarding the use of hydrogen in transport, district heating and nuclear power generation, as the "fuel of the future".

In Romania, a hydrogen refuelling station is in the planning stage.

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April 20, 2021. Hydrogen has a good chance of becoming one of the main industries in Romania, according to experts, who are analyzing projects worth more than 1,600 million euros in the country's main energy and industrial companies. In addition to green hydrogen, blue (gas-based) and pink (nuclear-based) have strong development potential given large local production and future nuclear power projects.

"The hydrogen hub is a complex of energy and chemical facilities that includes the production and consumption of hydrogen," says Dumitru Coman, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Chimcomplex, the largest Romanian exporter of chemicals.

Chimcomplex, the company that currently exploits the assets in Oltchim (Vâlcea) and Borzești, is owned by Ștefan Vuza, one of the largest Romanian businessmen. Mr. Vuza has recently stated that his intention is to develop a hydrogen hub around his portfolio, in an attempt to decarbonize his core industrial processes.

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