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The use of e85 ethanol in Romania is limited to industrial areas with no network of ethanol supply stations open to the public.

But the situation seems to be about to change, as the approval of the EU regulation concerning the obligation to use biofuels in the blend of traditional fuels is giving way to new investments that may alter the situation in the country.

OMV Petrom plans to build a new bioethanol plant in Romania. The company submitted a proposal worth 1.2 billion lei (€245 million) to the Ministry of Economy and Energy. The oil company's planned investment is reportedly a second-generation bioethanol plant. The oil company intends to build the plant in Prahova county, an area traditionally important for the oil industry.

In order to harmonise the display on petrol pumps across Europe, EU regulations will oblige all petrol stations in the European community to change, replace or supplement the current icons and code names of diesel and petrol types available from 12 October 2018. In addition, all car models type-approved and placed on the market from October 2018 are required to carry the correct fuel code for that model on the inside of the fuel cap door.

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