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HVO 100 Stations in Sweden in

HVO 100 Stations in Sweden in

When HVO is produced from industrial and food waste the social benefit is very high, which is why the Swedish government has for some years now had a strong policy of supporting new, cleaner and more efficient forms of transport. Waste-based feedstocks are often more economically viable than, for example, crops, and the Swedish Government incentivizes their production by deducting both energy and carbon taxes by 100%, making HVO totally tax-free.

Under these conditions it is not surprising that several companies in Sweden have invested in HVO, in different ways. The company Preem has rebuilt its plant in Gothenburg to be able to blend HVO with fossil diesel and also introduced trucks with 100% HVO as fuel in its own production facilities. There is great potential for HVO to become a major transportation fuel in Sweden.

Research shows that extracting HVO from algae has a potential yield of at least 10-20 times compared to other crops, according to a recent study on renewable fuels and their conditions in northern Sweden.

There are 340 filling stations in Sweden offering HVO100 for sale to the public and the number of filling stations where HVO100 or blends with HVO can be refueled is increasing rapidly.

Map of Stations with HVO in Sweden

List of HVO stations in Sweden

OKQ8Lundavgäen 923235 Arlöv
EnergifabrikenRenhammarsvägen 6 821 50 Bollnäs
OKQ8Storgatan 7738734 Borgholm
OKQ8Stenebyvägen Tuve41719 Göteborg
QstarFyllingevägen 392 43 Halmstad
EnergifabrikenTrintegatan 6 253 68 Helsingborg
OKQ8Ölandsleden 739239 Kalmar
OKQ8Hagalundsvägen 2765341 Karlstad
OKQ8Hälsingborgsvägen 4426142 Landskrona
OKQ8Vigfastgatan 158278 Linköping
OKQ8Vattenverksvägen 6021243 Malmö
OKQ8Smålandsvägen 7159540 Mjölby
QstarSpårgatan 5 392 43 Norrköping
EnergifabrikenNorra vägen 4 383 37 Nybro
EnergifabrikenBerglundavägen 13 703 36 Örebro
OKQ8Södra Gröngatan 4083135 Östersund
OKQ8Gävlevägen 8681140 Sandviken
OKQ8Solnavägen 1317165 Solna
QstarPalermogatan 116 56 Stockholm
OKQ8Lövbergavägen 1583333 Strömsund
OKQ8Timmervägen 885751 Sundsvall
OKQ8Kungsgatan 8075318 Uppsala
EnergifabrikenSpannarp 32 433 77 Varberg
OKQ8Hallsta Gårdsgata 172138 Västerås
OKQ8Stora Vägen 635250 Växjö
Biofuel ExpressÄlåkragatan 12 598 40 Vimmerby
EnergifabrikenLundbygatan 5 622 41 Visby

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