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HVO 100 Stations in Switzerland in

HVO 100 Stations in Switzerland in

As stated in the position paper of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (FOE), the priority is to use energy as rationally and economically as possible. The federal government's biomass strategy prioritises food production over the use of biomass for energy. Furthermore, the Swiss Federal Office of Energy continues to uphold the principle that the use of biomass for energy purposes must not lead to the direct or indirect displacement of food production or biodiversity, either in Switzerland or abroad.

Another incentive is the tax exemption for renewable fuels, such as HVO, in Switzerland since 1 July 2008, provided they meet minimum social and ecological requirements. Criteria include reduction of CO2 and environmental damage, preservation of the forest and biodiversity, and consideration of indirect effects.

Hydrogen-treated vegetable oils (HVO) are vegetable oils that are converted into hydrocarbons through a catalytic reaction with hydrogen (hydrogenation). Through this process, the properties of vegetable oils are adapted to fossil fuels (especially diesel) so that they can complement or completely replace them as a blend.

There are several locations in Switzerland where HVO 100 is available, but at the moment it is sold to private fleets and not to the general public.

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