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In 2016, in accordance with EU Directive 94/2014, the Association of Compressed Natural Gas Producers and Users - CNG Romania announced the development of a network of refuelling stations for compressed natural gas vehicles in Romania.

The project, called "CNG ROMÂNIA: Initial market deployment of a refuelling stations network along the core network corridors", had an estimated cost of EUR 5.21 million and benefited from a grant from the European Commission's Innovation and Networks Agency (INEA).

The action had two specific objectives. The first is the market launch of the first network of compressed natural gas (CNG) refuelling stations, consisting of 9 refuelling points for vehicles along the corridors of the TEN-T Central Road Network in Romania. The network of CNG refuelling stations would be implemented around the main cities of the core network to simultaneously cover the possible demand for long distance transport and light-duty vehicles mainly in urban environments. It would also guarantee a reasonable distance to the next station for national and cross-border traffic.

However the target of 9 CNG stations installed by 2020 was not met, as in Romania there are currently 3 CNG refuelling stations open to the public.

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Antares CNG StationStrada Barajului 42Râmnicu Vâlcea
engie CNG StationStrada Preciziei 1București
CNG LogisticBulevardul Biruinței 67Pantelimon

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December 23, 2021. Sibiu is considered an example of transition towards environmentally friendly public transport

40 buses powered by compressed natural gas have been purchased by the city of Sibiu with European funds allocated directly through the Regional Operational Program 2014 - 2020. A few days ago they were delivered in their entirety by Mercedes Benz representatives in Romania, and it is expected that the new buses enter service no later than next March.

Camelia Spătaru, president of the Smarticity Association, included Sibiu, along with Cluj-Napoca and Brasov, among the Romanian administrations that are acting positively to reduce carbon emissions. "Regarding the change of part of the fleet, we have seen encouraging examples: we have seen Cluj, we have seen Brasov, and Sibiu has signed a contract this year for 40 CNG buses."

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