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HVO 100 Stations in Germany in

HVO 100 Stations in Germany in

HVO belongs to the group of hydrocarbons that are miscible with a fuel mixture and, therefore, the use of HVO as a component of the mixture does not need to be regulated by technical standards. by technical standards.

The manufacture of hydrogenated vegetable oils in Germany is still very low and practically negligible in the fuel mix at present. . In the near future it is to be assumed that the quantities sold in Germany will Germany will come from facilities where it is manufactured locally.

In Germany there are currently very few service stations offering HVO for public consumption although the interest aroused is promoting installations throughout the country.

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ZIEGLMEIERSchrobenhausenPöttmeser Str. 25Schrobenhausen
ZIEGLMEIERSchrobenhausenRinderhofer Breite 1Schrobenhausen
ZIEGLMEIERIngolstadt - InterparkGutenbergstraße 7bGroßmehring

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