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In Canada, ethanol is used in blends with traditional gasoline, the so-called E5 or E10 gasolines (5 and 10% ethanol respectively). However, there is no tradition of using E85 in vehicles circulating in the country.

Canadian regulations establish two types of fuel for automobiles: type 1, 50% to 85% by volume of fuel ethanol denatured with gasoline and type 2, 20% to 25% by volume of fuel ethanol denatured with gasoline.

Both types are strictly for use in flex-fuel vehicles in a wide range of climatic conditions and users of this type are users of this standard are advised to consult the owner's manual and/or original equipment manufacturer on the suitability of the specific fuel blend before use.

Fuel produced in accordance with this standard should not be used in conventional vehicles designed to operate on gasoline containing up to 10% or 15% by volume ethanol. Precautions for the use of type 1 and type 2 automotive ethanol fuel. are also identified.

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