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In early June 2011, the official sale of e85 ethanol, first called BIO85 in Poland, began in Poland. One of the major advantages of this fuel in Poland was its low price, however the tax advantages were soon removed and its development has not been as expected.

BIO85 is a modern, environmentally friendly biofuel containing up to 85% bioethanol - the rest is unleaded gasoline - for use in vehicles equipped with Flexifuel (FFV) engines. The biofuel is characterized by emitting 25% less carbon dioxide than petroleum-based fuels.

Unfortunately, in Poland there are few cars that can be fueled with it and, in addition, the cost of its use is much higher than that of traditional ones. Poland being a country with a very strong agricultural sector, there are already many voices indicating that it would be a very interesting support for farmers


In a country already accustomed to the use of other alternative fuels, a fuel that meets many of the ecological and social needs of Poland could have a great future.

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ORLENŻymierskiego 6848-140Branice
ORLENBogumińska 747-460Chałupki
ORLENHilarego Filasiewicza 243-400Cieszyn
StatoilSlone 131a57-350Kudowa-Zdrój

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