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Both Ethanol E85 and Biodiesel in Belgium are beginning to be marketed due to the undeniable environmental and economic advantages they enjoy. In another category would be Renewable Diesel, better known as HVO100 which is already marketed in Belgium


If Ethanol E85 is a mixture between gasoline (15%) and Ethanol (85%) produced from vegetable materials of origin, biodiesel B20 is the mixture of traditional diesel (80%) and a product of the reaction of triglycerides of these vegetables with alcohol (20%). On the other hand we would have the HVO100


The HVO100 fuel (hydrogen-treated vegetable oil) is made from 100% renewable elements and does not contain any fossil fuel. It is produced using sustainably sourced plant and animal matter to ensure that its production has no negative impact on the environment. In Europe, this is covered by the EN15940 standard. As HVO100 has a similar chemical structure to diesel, HVO can easily be substituted for diesel without affecting the efficiency of your equipment.

After successfully offering HVO100 for trucks at several IDS stations, Q8 is anticipating the growing demand for sustainable fuels in Belgium with this diesel made from 100% renewable raw materials.

Map of ethanol e85 filling stations in belgium

List of ethanol e85 filling stations in belgium


Map of Renewable Diesel HVO100 service stations in Belgium

List of Renewable Diesel HVO100 filling stations in belgium

Q8Zelebaan 339160Lokeren
Q8Brusselsesteenweg 4462800Mechelen
Q8Leuvensesteenweg 5831930Zaventem
Q8Wingepark 333110Rotselaar
Q8E42 Liège Charleroi4537Verlaine
Q8E42 Charleroi-Liege4537Verlaine

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