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The Austrian Environment Minister, whose official vehicle runs on SuperEthanol, personally filled the first tank at the new E85 pump. The Austrian minister welcomes an environmental commitment like that of the filling station operators AWI and Genol: "Especially in the transport sector, great joint efforts are still necessary to achieve climate targets. Conversion to alternative propulsion systems plays a key role in this regard. To accelerate this, we are promoting the conversion of vehicle fleets and recently also the construction or conversion of filling stations for alternative fuels.

"AWI is convinced of the future of bioethanol as an environmentally friendly fuel. After all, every litre of domestic bioethanol consumed instead of a litre of petrol saves around 50% of CO2 emissions. "

AGRANA, Austria's only industrial bioethanol producer, has supported the conversion of filling stations to SuperEthanol E85 pumps even before the federal environmental subsidy came into force and will continue to use the funds available for this purpose to expand the distribution of SuperEthanol. AGRANA, together with the entire Raiffeisen Group, has also decided to convert its fleet of company cars to SuperEthanol. "In addition to expanding the network of SuperEthanol E85 filling stations and promoting SuperEthanol-compatible vehicles in public procurement, Austria must not lose sight of increasing the targets for blending bioethanol with petrol for ecological reasons," said the AGRANA CEO at the inauguration. He recalled that France has recently supported the promotion of biogenic fuels with the introduction of the additional E10 gasoline (super gasoline with 10% bioethanol) and that the French oil industry voluntarily joined this measure. "The advantages of bioethanol are not limited to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Bioethanol also makes it possible to use surplus grain of inferior quality and therefore unsuitable for the food industry," says Marihart.

SuperEthanol E85 consists of up to 85% bioethanol and the rest petrol. The bioethanol content is produced at AGRANA's bioethanol plant in Pischelsdorf, Lower Austria, from the domestic renewable raw materials wheat and corn. The flex-fuel vehicles (FFVs) can be fuelled with both superethanol and gasoline, as they are equipped with a sensor that measures the respective blend ratio of bioethanol and supergasoline and adjusts the vehicle electronics accordingly.

Flex-fuel vehicles (FFVs) are equipped with a sensor that measures the respective blend ratio of bioethanol and supergasoline and adjusts the vehicle electronics accordingly.

In Austria there are 33 filling stations offering ethanol, e85 or e100 supply.

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List of ethanol filling stations in austria

AWI Löwelstraße 12 1010Wien
Graninger & MayrAlberner Hafenzufahrtsstraße 171110Wien
AvantiGuldeng. 131140Wien
AWI Prager Straße 136-1401210Wien
GenolRaiffeisen Lagerhaus, Hollabrunn-Horn Parzelle 3012041Wullersdorf
Raiffeisen Lagerhaus Korneuburg und UmgebungWienerstraße 22115Ernstbrunn
Raiffeisen Lagerhaus Weinviertel Mitte reg.Gen.m.b.hThayapark 1-22136Laa/Thaya
Raiffeisen Lagerhaus Marchfeld reg.Gen.m.b.H.Bahnstraße 622291Lassee
GenolEco-Plus-Park, Autobahnausfahrt Bruck/Ost2460Bruck/Leitha
Reiffeisen Lagerhaus GmbHEco-Plus-Park Erste Straße 22480Bruck
Raiffeisen Lagerhaus Wiener beckenBahnstrasse 292483Ebreichsdorf
Raiffeisen Lagerhaus GmbHLagerhausstr. 1 A2-Abfahrt Edlitz2842Thomasberg
Raiffeisen LagerhausUmseeerstrasse 373040Neulengbach
Raiffeisen-Lagerhaus Amstetten reg.Gen.m.b.H.Gewerbepark 23312Oed
Raiffeisen-Lagerhaus AmstettenYbbsitzerstraße 1303340Waidhofen/Ybbs
Raiffeisen Lagerhaus Mostviertel MitteDorfstraße 45 A1-Abfahrt Loosdorf3382Roggendorf
AWIJahnstr. 473430Tulln/Donau
AvantiGewerbestr. 43452Mitterndorf
Raiffeisen Lagerhaus AbsdorfBahnhofstraße 233462Absdorf
Raiffeisen Lagerhaus Hollabrunn-HornPragerstraße 503580Horn
Raiffeisen Lagerhaus Waidhofen/Thaya reg.Gen.m.b.HRaiffeisenstr. 103830Waidhofen/Th.
Raiffeisen-Lagerhaus Zwettl reg.Gen.m.b.H.Symauerplatz 33910Zwettl
AvantiUnion Str. 71a4020Linz
Lagerhaus Urfahr und Umgebung reg.Gen.m.b.HPöstlingbergstraße 14040Lichtenberg
Lagerhausgenossenschaft FreistadtOswalderstraße 334291Lasberg
Lagerhaus OÖ. Mitte eGenStandort Enns Lagerhausstraße 104470Enns
Lagerhausgenossenschaft urfahr und umgebung reg.Gen.m.b.HEnnsdorferstr. 2/2, Wirtschaftspark4482Ennsdorf
Lagerhaus Grieskirchen-Haag reg.Gen.m.b.HTrappenhof 10 Autobahnausfahrt Exit 384714Meggenhofen
AvantiWolfgangsee Str. 285023Salzburg-Gnigl
Raiffeisen Lagerhaus FrauenkirchenPodersdorferstraße 27132Frauenkirhcen
A1Fischer Gasse 128010Graz
OMV Potzneusiedl, A6 2473Potzneusiedl
AWI Ruster Straße 86-1007000Eisenstadt

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