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The sale of petrol with E10 ethanol (up to 10% ethanol in petrol) has been permitted in the UK since 2021, however the sale of fuels with higher ethanol content, such as e85 or e100, is only permitted to a limited extent. Ethanol E85 is a blend of gasoline (15%) and ethanol (85%) produced from vegetable source materials.

As more effort is put into maximising an engine to take advantage of the higher "octane rating" of E85, engines achieve greater power advantages.

E85 has a higher octane rating than regular petrol at 87 or premium petrol at 91-93. This allows it to be used in higher compression engines, which tend to produce more power per unit displacement than their petrol counterparts.

E85 ethanol is used in engines modified to accept higher concentrations of ethanol. FFVs are designed to run on any blend of petrol or ethanol up to 85%, while in countries where the climate is warmer, FFVs run on pure alcohol. The new flex-fuel vehicle models are adapted to run on e100 regardless of weather conditions.

In the UK, e85 is available for private use in bulk.

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Volks WorkshopHolly Road Red Marsh Industrial EstateThornton-CleveleysLancashireFY5 4HH
Anglo American Oil Company Ltd.58 Holton Road, Holton Heath Trading ParkPooleDorsetBH16 6LT
Haz MotorsportUnit 3E, Anchor Bridge Way, Mill StreetDewsburyWest YorkshireWF12 9QS
JDM Garage Parts Ltd Stadson Grange Farm Brandis CornerHolsworthyDevonEX22 7YB
LMA AutopartsThe Green Barn Antlands Lane EastShipley BridgeHorleyRH6 9TE

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