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Diesel and gasoline are not the only fuels available on the German market: alternative fuels are becoming increasingly important. Not only do they protect the environment and make us independent of limited oil resources, but in many cases they are also inexpensive.

One of the alternative fuels is bioethanol, which is often sold in Germany as E85. But what does "E85" mean for bioethanol? Which cars can run on ethanol? What is an FFV? Where can I buy bioethanol at gas stations? How is bioethanol produced? These and other questions are answered in this guide.

At least in Germany, bioethanol is not usually offered in pure form with 100% ethanol at the pump. At German gas stations, ethanol is only available in so-called "blended" form, i.e. as a mixture. A certain amount of bioethanol is added to normal premium gasoline.

These blends are marked with the letter "E" and a number. This number indicates the percentage of ethanol added to the gasoline. Probably the best known is E10, a premium gasoline with ten percent bioethanol added. This fuel can be used in about 90% of gasoline engines without any problem.

Thus, E85 contains 85% bioethanol and 15% gasoline. However, unlike E10, E85 cannot be refueled in all vehicles without great effort. The vehicle must be suitable for running on E85.

There are currently 336 filling stations in Germany supplying e85 or e100 ethanol.

Map of ethanol filling stations in germany

List of ethanol filling stations in germany

STAWAG TankstelleLombardenstt. 12-2052070Aachen
Tankstelle Bamberg Michael Ultsch GmbHCoburger Str. 4296052Bamberg
BK TankstelleVon Hindenburgallee 1283471Berchtesgarden
SPRINT TankstelleBlankenburger Straße 9913089Berlin
Oil! Tankstellen GmbHHammersbecker Str. 7828755Bremen
Raiffeisen eG-Fam. KirschenbühlerLangenmorgen 175015Bretten
Energie Tankstelle CottbusStadtring 2e3042Cottbus
Schulte GünterBerghofer Str. 18044269Dortmund
Westfalen TankstelleWanheimer Straße 22547053Duisburg
Oil! Tankstellen GmbHLöricker Str. 4140547Düsseldorf
Felta Autohaus HörstingLöninger Straße49632Essen
Oil! Tankstellen GmbHEschersheimer Landstr. 45860433Frankfurt a. Main
Extrol Tank- & Waschzentrum GüterbahnhofFreiladestr. 279106Freiburg
Gulf TankstelleBottroper Str. 5245899Gelsenkirchen
Classic TankstelleLangenhorner Chaussee 21622415Hamburg
Esso-SchneiderAn der Weide 2030173Hannover
Avia TankstelleKarlsruher Strasse 6169126Heidelberg
Walter DomesleGottlieb-Daimler-Straße 4174076Heilbronn
Raiffeisen TankstelleWaldhornstrße 14-1676131Karlsruhe
Tank- + WaschparkHeiligenröder Str. 5534123Kassel
Oil! Tankstellen GmbHBrunswiker Str. 46-4824105Kiel
Westfalen-TankstelleSpenrather Weg 150829Köln
AddinolMockauer Str.1174357Leipzig
Parkgarage BöhringerBaaderstr. 680469München
Autohaus Brau GmbHHackenweg 426127Oldenburg

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