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There are more than 200,000 registered cars in Sweden that can be fuelled with E85, so-called flex-fuel or multi-fuel cars. Filling up your flexfuel car with E85 instead of petrol is by far the easiest way to influence your own carbon footprint. With our E85, CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 80% compared to petrol (normal E85 reduces CO2 emissions by an average of 58%). When E85 was launched, it was precisely for the sake of the environment. Over time, many of the policies that made this fuel so popular have been removed.

The government has tasked the Provincial Administrative Board with developing regional infrastructure plans for renewable fuels. renewable fuels. This report has been prepared by BioFuel Region with the objective of serve as a basis for the discussion and anchoring of these plans in cooperation with municipalities and industry in Sweden. The plan focuses, for the time being, on biofuel trade and refuelling infrastructure. biofuels and recharging infrastructure with a time horizon until 2030.

It is impossible to make a good forecast of what the vehicle fleet will be like in 2030 because there are too many uncertain factors affecting the outcome. It is therefore important to monitor developments and update the plan once a year. In this report two scenarios, Best Case and Business as Usual, are presented. Case and Business as Usual, and these should be seen as extreme cases. The best case scenario consists of the vehicle fleet continues to consist of the same number of vehicles as in 2017 and 60% are petrol and diesel. Therefore, an increasing share of biofuels in petrol and diesel will be crucial to achieve a sufficient reduction in emissions. crucial to achieve a sufficient reduction of CO2 emissions. Electricity and biogas are expected to increase among passenger cars, and mainly ED95 and biogas among heavier vehicles. For some heavier vehicles and buses with a well-defined and limited mileage, electricity is expected to play an important role, especially in cities. The report raises a number of questions that could be usefully discussed with those responsible for parties in the county before decisions are made on the infrastructure plan. on the infrastructure plan.

There are several policy instruments at the national level that drive progress towards the targets, For example, the carbon dioxide and fuel energy tax, the Climate Change Act, urban environmental agreements, support for ethanol, the so-called Petrol Stations Act came into force in 2005 and requires stations that sell more than 1 000 m3 of petrol and diesel per year are obliged to also sell renewable fuels, such as E85.

In Sweden, ethanol e85 can be refuelled at 1732 filling stations.

Map of ethanol filling stations in sweden

List of ethanol filling stations in sweden

BrandAddressZIP City
Agro cleanpower OutletHanholmsvägen 69601 19 Norrköping
Åmåls PetroleumKarlstadsvägen 3666236 Åmål
Ambjörnsons BilHagagatan 633235 Gislaved
BilistenTegsnäset 2892295 Granö
Börjes TankcenterFrösekevägen38040 Orrefors
Circle KFabriksgatan 241250 Göteborg
Din-XFilbornavägen 3725276 Helsingborg
Frillesås LantmänTorstensviksvägen 3439 62 Frillesås
GulfSättra76391 Hallstavik
IDSTraversvägen 1113650 Jordbro
INGOHjällbovägen 142431 Göteborg
L.J. OljeledningarSmidesvägen 537450 Karlshamn
Lundströms Gas och SvetsHangarvägen 695261 Kalix
OK-Q8Blekängsvägen 113430 Stockholm
Oljeshejkerna JohnssonVidegatan 234230 Alvesta
ParoyAlingsåsvägen 2524 42 Ljung
PreemTorggatan 20a57833 Aneby
Q Starsmedbygatan60361 Norrköping
Runes Bensin & Oljeimport ABStenvägen 136131 Emmaboda
ShellKanalvägen 6719134 Stockholm
Sollebrunns Oljeservice ABTorpvägen 446631 Sollebrunn
St 1Nibblesbackevägen 273150 Köping
TankaVigfastgatan 158278 Linköping

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