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Engineers are searching hard for alternatives to petrol and diesel, and they are looking in particular to biofuels: ethanol and vegetable diesel. This search is nothing new; on the contrary, it has been going on for over a hundred years. Depending on supply, cars have run on gas, electricity, oil, coal, wood and even peat.

It was a Dutchman who invented the combustion engine. In the 17th century. The fuel he used was... gunpowder. Christiaan Huygens invented his engine in 1673 for Louis XIV to make his fountains gush in the gardens of Versailles. It was a cylinder with a suspended piston, in which a little gunpowder was detonated at the bottom. A real explosion engine, in other words.

Today in the Netherlands both e85 ethanol and the various alternative fuels are being promoted for their environmental qualities, as well as their increasingly competitive price


The development of ethanol consumption in the Netherlands has not been the most advanced but its implementation is still likely in the short term with a network of filling stations already supplying this fuel.

In the Netherlands there are 14 filling stations offering e85.

Map of ethanol filling stations in netherlands

List of ethanol filling stations in netherlands

Argos OilColosseumweg 470 Rotterdam3075 LZ
Athlon Car LeaseSteenplaetsstraat 6Rijswijk2288 AA
Delta OilMorseweg 1cLeeuwarden8860 AE
Delta OilDe hemmen 66Drachten9206 AG
Delta OilFahrenheitstraat 2Harlingen8861 NH
Fieten OlieStettinweg 22Groningen9723 HD
BerkmanTuindersweg 34Barendrecht2991 LR
Hartholt-OlieWijheseweg 45Zwolle8015 RB
Hartholt-OlieRaalterweg 56Wesepe8124 AE
KusterolieBraamtseweg 12Doetinchem7007 CK
Rotonde TankstationsBeemdweg 4cMeerkerk4221 LV
Rotonde TankstationsMarisstraat 1Sliedrecht3364 AZ
DKHescheweg 223Oss5343 AA
Green PlanetBultinge 2Pesse7933 TZ

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