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Achieving energy security and transitioning to a prosperous low-carbon economy is critical for a growing nation like India. growing nation like India. The blending of locally produced ethanol with gasoline will help India to strengthen its energy security, enable local businesses and farmers to participate in the energy strengthen its energy security, enable local businesses and farmers to participate in the energy economy, and reduce vehicle emissions. The Government of India notified the National Biofuels Policy 2018 (NPB-2018). 2018 (NPB-2018) on 4.06.2018 in which, under the Ethanol Blending Program with Gasoline (EBP), it sets an indicative target of 20% ethanol blending in gasoline by 2030.

After soliciting input from relevant ministries and associations, analyzing progressive demand and supply projections, the challenges of manufacturing vehicles with E20 and the infrastructure of the The committee suggests a gradual deployment of E20 ethanol in the country to achieve the target by 2025. In the meantime, the deployment plan suggests all-India availability of E10 from April 2025. E10 from April 2022 as a fuel to meet the demand of existing vehicles until April 2025. April 2025.

When E20 is used, there is an estimated 6-7% loss of fuel efficiency for 4-wheelers that are originally designed for E0 and calibrated for E10, 3-4% for 2-wheeled vehicles designed for E0 and E10-calibrated 2-wheelers, and 1-2% for 4-wheelers designed for E10 and calibrated for E20. reported that, with engine modifications (hardware and tuning), the efficiency loss due to mixed fuel can be reduced. efficiency loss due to fuel blending can be reduced. To compensate consumers for the loss of efficiency due to ethanol blending of ethanol-blended fuels. of ethanol-blended fuels, tax incentives could be considered for E10 and E20 fuels.

In order to be able to use higher ethanol blends, vehicles must be comprehensively designed for of materials compatibility, engine tuning (spark timing) and optimization to take advantage of higher octane ethanol blends. However, high compression ratio engines can suffer catastrophic failures. can suffer catastrophic failures due to engine knock when running on low or no ethanol content (i.e., low octane fuel). ethanol content (i.e., low octane fuel). Similarly, vehicles designed for low or no ethanol content will have a low ethanol content in gasoline. ethanol content in gasoline will have lower fuel economy if used with a higher ethanol blend.

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BHARAT PETROLEUMRTO, ShivajinagarPUNEMaharashtra411001E100

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