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LPG remains relatively unpopular in Belgium, although there are signs of some recovery. This is strange indeed, because LPG is a relatively clean fuel and especially attractive to frequent drivers.

The number of registrations of vehicles running on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) remains low in Belgium. However, there is an upward trend.

The price of LPG is still lower than petrol or diesel. In Belgium, there are many places where LPG can be refuelled at favourable prices. The Belgian network of filling stations is well developed. Not all LPG filling stations are manned, and at all of them you can pay by debit or credit card without the need for a loyalty card. Filling up with LPG is as easy as filling up with petrol or diesel.

There are not too many LPG vehicles on the road in Belgium. However, there is hope on the horizon. The recent diesel scandal makes LPG an attractive alternative for regular drivers. This makes it interesting for rental companies. It remains to be seen whether the government decides to review some of the tax disadvantages. However, the numerous advantages speak for themselves. As an alternative fuel, LPG is an excellent and very cheap option at Belgian filling stations.

In Belgium there are currently 346 filling stations offering LPG for sale to the public, spread over every province of the country.

Map of LPG filling stations in Belgium

List of LPG stations in Belgium

Total Gent Zeehaven Goolestraat 2 9000GandGent
Lukoil419 Jules Moretuslei, Wilrijk2610AnversAntwerpen
Esso Snack & Shop Couillet297 Route De Philippeville, Couillet6010CharleroiTchålerwè
Total Rocourt2 Chaussee De Tongres4000LiègeLuik
Q8 Zaventem (Nossegem)583 Leuvensesteenweg, Zaventem1930BruxellesBrussel
Lukoil N21-Haachtsesteenweg1463 Haachtsesteenweg, Haren1130SchaerbeekSchaarbeek
Lukoil Bruxelles71 Boulevard Industriel1070AnderlechtAnderlecht
Brugge Maes 74 Pathoekeweg8000BrugesBrugge
Total Jambes1 Avenue du Luxembourg, Jambes5100NamurNameur
Q8 Louvain-La-Neuve3 Avenue Baudouin 1Er1348LouvainLeuven
Total Mechelen359 Brusselsesteenweg2800MalinesMechelen
Total Oostende647 Torhoutsesteenweg8400OstendeOostende
Total Maasmechelen526 Rijksweg, Maasmechelen3630GenkGenk
Gabriëls Luingne187 Chaussée de Dottignies, Luingne7700MouscronMoeskroen
Total Mons Pont Canal4 Grand'Route7000MonsBergen

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