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Belgium is at a crossroads in Europe in terms of gas supply options, as it is criss-crossed by major pipelines and has an LNG terminal at Zeebrugge. The country is criss-crossed by major pipelines and has an LNG terminal at Zeebrugge. The phasing out of the Dutch of the Dutch Slochteren gas fields in the Netherlands, scheduled for 2029, will not pose gas supply problems because there are sufficient alternative sources of gas in the world for transportation and thus distribution.

In Flanders, the 76 existing CNG stations are distributed as follows: 22 stations in the province of Antwerp, 17 stations in the province of West Flanders, 14 in East Flanders, 14 in Flemish Brabant and 9 in Limburg. Another 20 new station projects in Flanders (6 in West Flanders, 7 in East Flanders, 3 in Flemish Brabant, 2 in the province of Antwerp and 2 in Limburg) will be in service soon.

In Wallonia, the 14 stations are located as follows: 10 stations are located in Hainaut, 2 in Walloon Brabant, 2 in the province of Namur and new stations are planned (5 in Hainaut, 2 in Walloon Brabant, 4 in Li├Ęge and 3 in Luxembourg).

The main operator of stations in Belgium is Dats24 (Colruyt), followed in order by Pitpoint (Total40), Enora41 (a combination of G&V, Electrabel and Ideta), Q8 and GreenPoint Supplies (GPS).

There are currently 104 CNG filling stations open to the public in Belgium.

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List of CNG filling stations in belgium

AalstIndustrielaan 18+3253838848Every Day 0-23:59 High
AnderlechtChaussee de Mons 824+3223635152Every Day unmanned
AntwerpenVosseschijnstraat 42+3223635152Every Day unmanned
AnzegemGrote Leiestraat 117+32473949680Every Day0-23:59Green Point High Gas
BrechtVeldstraat 64+3223635152Every Day
BruggeWaggelwaterstraat 6+3250447711Every Day 0-23:59ENORA G&V CNG Station
BrusselsQuai des Usines 22+32221594706-18; Sunday
GenkHermeslaan 60+3289690469Every Day
GentRooigemlaan 2+3292278136Every Day Enora
GrimbergenVilvoordsesteenweg 157unmannedEvery Day 0-23:59Erdgas Brussel
HalleZinkstraat 1+3223635152Every Day Low Gas
LokerenGentse Steenweg 26+3223635152Every Day High Gas
Mechelen - Not To The General PublicElektriciteitstraat 68+3278353534Every Day 0-23:59Eandis Cvba
MoescronBoulevard Industriel 23+3256733000Every Day 0-23:59Esso H-gas pay with cards master visa or fuele cards
OostendeWetenschapspark 7+32473949680Every Day 0-23:59Green Point Supplies visa; mastercard; bancontact
TurnhoutSteenweg op Gierle 228+3232413300Every Day Low Gas
VeurneWelvaartstraat 5+3258335112Credit Card C-LNG
WaregemGentseweg 568A+3223635152Every Day High Gas
WestmalleAntwerpsesteenweg 148+3223635152Every Day
WevelgemKortrijkstraat 226+3223635152Every Day High Gas unmanned
WillebroekMechelsesteenweg 565 Every Day
WommelgemHerentalsebaan 515+3238898989Every Day
Zaventemleuvensesteenweg 500+3223635152Every Day High Gas unmanned
ZedelgemTorhoutsesteenweg 199+3232413300Every Day 0-23:59Company: High Gas
ZellikBrusselsesteenweg 379+3256733000Every Day 0-23:59Enora Esso Express Low Gas

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