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Since the launch of the multi-brand campaign in spring 2017, the Volkswagen Action Alliance has succeeded in significantly improving the situation of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) for individual mobility in Germany. Eighteen CNG models are already available. Current registration data from the German Federal Road Transport Authority confirm that CNG engines are currently the fastest-growing type of drive.

The monthly figures for new registrations of CNG vehicles in Germany have been rising since July 2017. In 2018, the SEAT Arona was introduced as the latest CNG vehicle. This brings the fleet of CNG-capable passenger cars across all Volkswagen Group brands to a total of 18 models. These range from the small car class to the premium segment. Natural gas vehicles are also available from the Volkswagen Truck & Bus subsidiary, which includes the MAN and Scania brands. This makes the Volkswagen Group the largest supplier of CNG models.

Together with the industry consortium CNG Mobility, the Volkswagen Group aims to increase the number of CNG vehicles registered in Germany tenfold to one million by 2025. In parallel, the number of CNG filling stations in Germany is to increase from around 860 at present to 2,000.

New CNG models in other segments, such as the SEAT Arona SUV, will further increase the attractiveness of the range. Current registration figures from the German Federal Road Transport Authority already show a significant increase in interest in CNG models. Since July 2017, the number of registrations has risen steadily. In January 2018, they exceeded their year-earlier level by 370.7%. More CNG models were registered in one month than ever before. This makes CNG engines the fastest growing type of propulsion.

Jens Andersen: "In the context of the debate about the energy transition and the gradual change towards sustainable mobility, CNG mobility can make a very attractive contribution. Where electromobility meets the boundary conditions, we can offer a cost-effective and easily accessible alternative to reduce road transport emissions."

Map of CNG refueling stations in Germany

List of CNG filling stations in Germany

STAWAG CNG Erdgastankstelle (Automat)52070AachenLombardenstraße 12 - 22
Aral Tankstelle86156AugsburgKobelweg 641/4
Aral Tankstelle74906Bad RappenauWilhelm-Hauff-Straße 43
Bavaria Petrol96049BambergVon-Ketteler-Straße 4
Tankstelle Motor-Nützel Vertriebs-GmbH95448BayreuthNürnberger Straße 95
Total Tankstelle10115BerlinChausseestraße 61 - 62
Westfalen Hans-Dieter Schulz33609BielefeldEckendorfer Straße 32
Aral Tankstelle44867BochumBerliner Straße 96
SVG Tankstelle Bonn Potsdamer Platz53119BonnPotsdamer Platz 7
Brandenburg, Rathenower Landstr. 114772BrandenburgRathenower Landstraße 1
CNG Betriebshof-Erdgastankstelle (Automat)38106BraunschweigMittelweg 77
Shell CNG Erdgastankstelle28757BremenAm Rabenfeld 15
Shell CNG Erdgastankstelle27572BremerhavenFrederikshavener Straße 97
OMV Tankstelle84489BurghausenBurgkirchener Straße 11
Aral Tankstelle09113ChemnitzBlankenauer Straße 70
Sprint Cottbus Stadtring03042CottbusStadtring 2a
Shell CNG Erdgastankstelle64293DarmstadtFrankfurter Straße 121
Avia Tankstelle Fricke46286DorstenEndelner Feld 2
Avia Tankstelle Fricke44287DortmundAplerbecker Straße 377
Total Tankstelle01067DresdenHamburger Straße 44
Shell CNG Erdgastankstelle47166DuisburgDuisburger Straße 26
Aral Tankstelle40227DüsseldorfKölner Straße 356
Esso Tankstelle99099ErfurtWeimarische Straße 36
Aral Tankstelle45136EssenRellinghauser Straße 312
Total Tankstelle60320FrankfurtEckenheimer Landstraße 181
Esso Tankstelle79111FreiburgBasler Landstraße 120
Aral Tankstelle90762FürthNürnberger Straße 126
Total Tankstelle45881GelsenkirchGrothusstraße 4
EVF CNG Erdgastankstelle (Automat)73033GöppingenGroßeislinger Straße 50
Shell Autohof89312GünzburgHauptstraße 2a
CNG Erdgastankstelle (Automat)06112HalleFreiimfelder Straße 43
Shell CNG Erdgastankstelle22113HamburgAndreas-Meyer-Straße 44
Esso Tankstelle30165HannoverVahrenwalder Straße 138
KK CNG Erdgastankstelle69115HeidelbergEppelheimer Straße 27
Shell CNG Erdgastankstelle74072HeilbronnAllee 80
Star Tankstelle40724HildenHochdahler Straße 127
Shell CNG Erdgastankstelle63768HösbachIndustriestraße 1 - 3
Aral Tankstelle85055IngolstadtSchollstraße 2
Agip Service Station76185KarlsruheNeureuter Straße 5
Shell CNG Erdgastankstelle50739KölnEscher Straße 170
Gillet tanken & waschen76829LandauGilletstraße 3
Allguth GmbH c/o Werner Girbig86899LandsbergMünchener Straße 17
OMV CNG Erdgastankstelle84030LandshutSiemensstraße 19
Total Autohof Leipzig Nord04158LeipzigAutohof A14 Poststraße 3
Gehring Tankstellenbetriebs GmbH79539LörrachWiesentalstraße 62
HEM CNG Erdgastankstelle23560LübeckGeniner Straße 72 - 74
Esso Tankstelle71636LudwigsburgSchwieberdinger Straße 133
Aral Tankstelle39116MagdeburgHalberstädter Chaussee 196
Total Tankstelle68305MannheimHafenbahnstraße 74
Freie CNG Erdgastankstelle (Automat) Reifen Völker41238MönchengladbachBreite Straße 114
Aral Tankstelle80807MünchenSchenkendorfstraße 15
Avia Tankstelle92318NeumarktDreichlinger Straße 41
Globus CNG Erdgastankstelle67433NeustadtChemnitzer Straße
Aral Tankstelle99734NordhausenHelmestraße 109
Aral Tankstelle90443NürnbergUlmenstraße 31
Wilhelm-Hoyer-KG26129OldenburgPosthalterweg 10
Aral Tankstelle49074OsnabrückAlte Poststraße 2
CNG Betriebshof-Erdgastankstelle94036PassauRegensburger Straße 29
Total Tankstelle14471PotsdamPirschheide 1
Schindele Handels GmbH & Co. KG88212RavensburgSchlegelwinkel 1
Aral Tankstelle93426RodingSchwandorfer Straße 10
Aral Tankstelle38259SalzgitterBraunschweiger Straße 167
Agip/ Eni CNG Erdgastankstelle39218SchönebeckMagdeburger Straße 262
Total CNG Erdgastankstelle73529Schwäbisch GmündLorcher Straße 199
CNG Erdgastankstelle (Automat)72488SigmaringenFriedrich-List-Straße 12
CNG Erdgastankstelle (Automat)67346SpeyerIndustriestraße 23
CNG Erdgastankstelle (Automat)70188StuttgartTalstraße 117
CNG Erdgastankstelle (Automat) Bosch Service04860TorgauEilenburger Straße 79c
CNG Erdgastankstelle Iveco89079UlmNicolaus-Otto-Strasse
Esso Tankstelle65203WiesbadenÄppelallee 39
Aral Tankstelle38440WolfsburgHeinr.-Nordhoff-Straße 117
Esso Tankstelle67547WormsMainzer Straße 84
ZEV CNG Erdgastankstelle (Automat)08056ZwickauBürgerschachtstraße 6

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