AalstIndustrielaan 18+3253838848Every Day 0-23:59 High
AalstBrusselsesteenweg 41+3223635152Every Day
AalterGroendreef 7-11+3238898989Every Day
AnderlechtChaussee de Mons 824+3223635152Every Day unmanned
AntwerpenVosseschijnstraat 42+3223635152Every Day unmanned
AntwerpenVlijtstraat 6 Every Day
AntwerpenVosseschijnstraat 0
AntwerpenKielsbroek 1+3232485457Every Day Low Gas
AnzegemGrote Leiestraat 117+32473949680Every Day0-23:59Green Point High Gas
BeringenKoolmijnlaan 321+3223635152Every Day
BeverenVesten 20+3238898989Work Days 5-22 Holidays
BilzenTongersestraat 102+3223635152Every Day High Gas
BlankenbergeRuitersstraat 2+3223635152Every Day High Gas
BoomPapensteenstraat 1+3223635152Every Day
BornemLodderstraat 26+3238894419Work Days 6-19; sat 9-16; Holidays -
Braine-l'AlleudChaussee de Tubize 489+3223635152Every Day
BrasschaatRuiterijschool 10/12 - Campus Coppen Every Day 0-23:59Green Point unmanned
BrechtVeldstraat 64+3223635152Every Day
BreeRegenboogstraat 12+3223635152Every Day High Gas
BruggeWaggelwaterstraat 6+3250447711Every Day 0-23:59ENORA G&V CNG Station
BrusselsQuai des Usines 22+32221594706-18; Sunday
DeinzeGentsesteenweg 208+3223635152Every Day unmanned
DesselgemPitantiestraat 134+3256703744Every Day High Gas
DestelbergenDendermondesteenweg 694+3223635152Every Day
DiestLeuvensesteenweg 72+3223635152Every Day unmanned
DilbeekNinoofsesteenweg 507+3223635152Every Day
DourRue d'Elouges 104+3223635152Every Day High Gas
EekloLeopoldlaan 58+3223635152Every Day High Gas
GeelAntwerpseweg 87+3223635152Every Day Low Gas
GenappeRue des Lilas 25+3223635152Every Day
GenkHermeslaan 60+3289690469Every Day
GentRooigemlaan 2+3292278136Every Day Enora
GentWiedauwkaai 104+3223635152Every Day High Gas
Geraardsbergen (Overboelare)Groteweg 373+3238898989Every Day High Gas
Ghislenghien (Ath)Parc Industriel 34+3223635152Every Day High Gas
GosseliesRue Tahon 37+3223635152Every Day High Gas
GrimbergenVilvoordsesteenweg 157unmannedEvery Day 0-23:59Erdgas Brussel
GrimbergenVilvoordsesteenweg 301A+3223635152Every Day
HalleEdingensesteenweg 300+3223635152Every Day High Gas unmanned
HalleZinkstraat 1+3223635152Every Day Low Gas
HarelbekeKortrijksesteenweg 264+3256716117Every Day High Gas
HasseltGenkersteenweg 70+3223635152Every Day High Gas
Heusden-ZolderMeylandtlaan 116+3223635152Every Day Low Gas
HobokenEmiel Vloorstraat 2+3216815623Every Day High Plus Gas (CNG from LNG)
HouthalenGrote Baan 11+3211604207Every Day High Gas
IeperZwaanhofweg 4+3257209332Credit Card 0-23:59GOW!
IzegemKrekelmotestraat 147+3223635152Every Day High Gas
JemappesAvenue Wilson 429+3256733006Every Day (Owner is G&V) High Gas
Jemeppe-sur-SambreChaussée de Charleroi 9+3223635152Every Day High Gas
KalloSteenlandlaan 3+3216815623Every Day
KampenhoutMechelsesteenweg 55+3223635152Every Day
KontichKon. Astridlaan 6+3223635152Every Day
KruishoutemIndustriezone 3a+3293801336Every Day High Gas
La LouvièreChaussée du Pont du Sart 42+3223635152Every Day High Gas
LeuvenGroenveldstraat 71+3223635152Every Day
LierAntwerpsesteenweg 346+3223635152Every Day
LokerenGentse Steenweg 26+3223635152Every Day High Gas
MaasmechelenRijksweg 583+3223635152Every Day High Gas
Machelen (Diegem)Haachtsesteenweg 7+3223635152Every Day Low Gas
MechelenDe Regenboog 8+3223635152Every Day
MechelenLiersesteenweg 351+3223635152Every Day Low Gas
MechelenBrusselsesteenweg 446+3215412805Every Day
Mechelen - Not To The General PublicElektriciteitstraat 68+3278353534Every Day 0-23:59Eandis Cvba
MelleBrusselsesteenweg 36+3223635152Every Day High Gas
MenenIeperstraat 435+3223635152Every Day
MerelbekeGuldensporenlaan 9+3253789878Every Day Automaat
MiddelkerkeOostendelaan 298+3223635152Every Day High Gas
MoescronBoulevard Industriel 23+3256733000Every Day 0-23:59Esso H-gas pay with cards master visa or fuele cards
Mont-sur-MarchienneRue de Bomerée 54+3256733006Every Day (Owner is G&V) High Gas
MorlanwelzChaussée de Mariemont 36+3223635152Every Day High Gas
NamurChaussee de Charleroi 153B+3223635152Every Day High Gas
Nazareth (Eke)Rozenstraat 6b+3293858805Every Day High Gas
NinoveAlbertlaan 158+3223635152Every Day High Gas
NivellesChaussee de Mons 15+3256733000Every Day 0-23:59 Low GasEsso Express Enora
OlligniesChaussée Victor Lampe 183+3238898989Every Day High Gas
OostendeWetenschapspark 7+32473949680Every Day 0-23:59Green Point Supplies visa; mastercard; bancontact
OpwijkSteenweg op Merchtem 135+3223635152Every Day High Gas
OverijseBrusselsesteenweg 361+3223635152Every Day Low Gas
RanstE313 Highway direction Eindhoven-Liège+32494896996Every Day High Gas
RanstE313 Highway direction Antwerp+32494896996Every Day High Gas
RoeselareMandel Beversesteenweg 202+3223635152Every Day High Gas
RotselaarAarschotsesteenweg 139+3223635152Every Day
RumstAntwerpsesteenweg 39a+3215321629Work Days 7-19; Holidays
SchotenBrechtsebaan 84+3223635152Every Day
SchotenBredabaan 1199+3232413300Every Day
Sint-Eloois-VijveGentseweg 568a+3223635152Every Day High Gas
Sint-Katelijne-WaverMechelsesteenweg 77 Every Day 0-23:59Green Point unmanned
Sint-NiklaasHeidebaan 101+3223635152Every Day High Gas
TieltPittemsesteenweg 45+3223635152Every Day High Gas
Tielt-WingeLeuvensesteenweg 265+3223635152Every Day Low Gas
TongerenMaastrichtersteenweg 447+3223635152Every Day High Gas
TorhoutBruggestraat 166+3223635152Every Day High Gas
TournaiBoulevard Delwart 20+3256733000 Enora Esso Express
TurnhoutSteenweg op Gierle 228+3232413300Every Day Low Gas
TurnhoutGierlesteenweg 192+3238898989Every Day Low Gas
VeurneWelvaartstraat 5+3258335112Credit Card C-LNG
WaregemGentseweg 568A+3223635152Every Day High Gas
WestmalleAntwerpsesteenweg 148+3223635152Every Day
WevelgemKortrijkstraat 226+3223635152Every Day High Gas unmanned
WillebroekMechelsesteenweg 565 Every Day
WommelgemHerentalsebaan 515+3238898989Every Day
Zaventemleuvensesteenweg 500+3223635152Every Day High Gas unmanned
ZedelgemTorhoutsesteenweg 199+3232413300Every Day 0-23:59Company: High Gas
ZellikBrusselsesteenweg 379+3256733000Every Day 0-23:59Enora Esso Express Low Gas