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The number of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) refuelling stations in the Netherlands has increased considerably and thus CNG can also be refuelled at an increasing number of locations.

In the near future the number of refuelling stations in the Netherlands where CNG can be refuelled will increase considerably. And so companies such as Total, Esso or Shell have announced their intention to build hundreds of CNG filling points in the next ten years in the Netherlands and in other European countries where the number of CNG stations should grow. These companies, like others, already see it as a realistic scenario that the Dutch CNG market will quadruple in the next ten years.

Serving as an example is Total's stated intention to build more than 200 new stations by 2026 as well as the announcement that the company believes CNG has a bright future as a fuel for various segments of road transport and wants to build a nationwide network.

The Netherlands government's focus is on the promise of Green Natural Gas, or Renewable Natural Gas, which will reduce total emissions to virtually zero.

Thus, there are currently 242 CNG refuelling stations open to the public in the Netherlands.

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List of CNG filling stations in netherlands

OrangeGas Amsterdam (Isolatorweg) Isolatorweg 38 1014 AS Amsterdam
CNG Westelijke Randweg 1 1118 CR Schiphol
CNG Bestevaerstraat 71 1812 PC Alkmaar
CNG Rijn 1 2491 BH Den Haag
OrangeGas Gouda Industriestraat 1 2802 AC Gouda
CNG Vierhavensstraat 44 3029 BE Rotterdam
CNG Tweedweg 10 3197 LM Rotterdam
OrangeGas Utrecht Atoomweg 40 3542 AB Utrecht
CNG Hertog Reinoudlaan 15 3843 AR Harderwijk
DCB Energy Roosendaal Aanwas 37 4704 SC Roosendaal
CNG Zwijnsbergenstraat 7 4834 JN Breda
CNG Goirke Kanaaldijk 28 5046 AT Tilburg
CNG Spuiweg 25 5145 NE Waalwijk
OrangeGas Den Bosch Vlijmenseweg 1b 5223 GW Den Bosch
CNG Waalkade 21 5347 KR Oss
OrangeGas Eindhoven (Sint Bonifaciuslaan) Sint Bonifaciuslaan 83 5643 NB Eindhoven
CNG Ankerkade 143 6222 NL Maastricht
CNG Industrieweg 107/109 6541 TV Nijmegen
CNG Industrieterrein De Kleefse Waard Oude Veerweg 6827 AV Arnhem
CNG Noordgang 8 7141JP Groenlo
OrangeGas Almelo Veldkampsweg 26 7605 AR Almelo
CNG Ceintuurbaan 54 8024 AA Zwolle
OrangeGas Heerenveen Pluto 3 8448 CM Heerenveen
OrangeGas Assen Burgemeester Grollemanweg 8 9405 NN Assen
OrangeGas Groningen (Wasaweg) Wasaweg 20 9723 JD Groningen

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February 26, 2022. Tango launches the gas station of the future: automated sustainable fuel

More than two decades after the introduction of the first automated service station in the Netherlands, the pioneering Tango now presents the service station of the future, in which sustainable fuels play a prominent role, with Natural Gas for Vehicles as a product. star.

This new gas station in Deventer is the testing ground for the service station of the future. The Tango company is changing its strategy. The fuel giant thinks that oil companies will not survive long-term on fossil fuels. Sustainability is the keyword. So Tango built the most progressive gas station next to the Scheg as a model for the future, and it is perhaps the most special in the Netherlands: you can refuel with any fuel (even frying fat)

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