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CNG is gas used as a fuel. It comes in two forms: compressed, which is called CNG, and liquid, which is called LNG. In its compressed form, CNG is supplied through the distribution network. BioNGV is the renewable version of CNG. This green gas has the same characteristics as CNG, but is obtained by methanisation of organic waste. Thus, with BioNGV it is possible to drive sustainably with a locally produced fuel.

France, through the Multiannual Energy Programme (PPE), has set ambitious targets: by 2023, 3% of heavy-duty vehicles will run on CNG and 20% on CNG. The target for 2030 is for more than 340,000 vehicles to run on CNG.

The deployment of a new fuel in a territory implies the creation of a network of refuelling stations. Some French local authorities have chosen to to invest in stations through the Sociétés d'économie mixte Sociétés d'Économie Mixte. They therefore have a dual mission mission: to deploy a alternative fuels supply network and to guarantee local economic economic benefits. Others prefer to encourage the initiative of the main private private actors by providing the necessary land for the creation of BioNGV stations. necessary for the creation of BioNGV stations.

The installation of a BioNGV station in France represents an investment that can vary between 500,000 to 1,500,000 euros. It can be dedicated to a specific use (such as for buses) or open to the public for all types of vehicles. Financing The models are varied, but in all cases, the station must be correctly dimensioned to meet current and future demand to ensure competitive fuel costs.

In France there are currently 189 CNG refuelling stations open to the public.

Map of CNG filling stations in France

List of CNG filling stations in France

75019PARISIle-de-FranceTotalEnergiesGNC - BioGNV
37210PARCAY MESLAYCentre-Val de LoireAS24GNC - BioGNV
76430OUDALLENormandieENGIE SolutionsGNC - GNL - BioGNV
94537ORLYIle-de-FranceTotalEnergiesGNC - BioGNV
12510OLEMPSOccitanieGazupGNC - BioGNV
62590OIGNIESHauts-de-FranceENGIE SolutionsGNC
35530NOYAL-SUR-VILAINEBretagneAir LiquideGNC - GNL
56920NOYAL-PONTIVYBretagnePole Energie BretagneGNC - BioGNV
93130NOISY-LE-SECIle-de-FranceENGIE SolutionsGNC - BioGNV
93160NOISY-LE-GRANDIle-de-FranceTotalEnergiesGNC - BioGNV
79260NIORT - LA CRECHENouvelle-AquitaineAS24GNC - BioGNV
6000NICEProvence-Alpes-Côte d'AzurSEVENGNC - BioGNV
6000NICEProvence-Alpes-Côte d'AzurSEVENGNC - BioGNV
44300NANTESPays-de-la-LoireAS24GNC - BioGNV
92000NANTERREIle-de-FranceENGIE SolutionsGNC - BioGNV
85290MORTAGNE SUR SEVREPays-de-la-LoireAgribiométhane CarburantGNC - BioGNV
57600MORSBACHGrand-EstENGIE SolutionsGNC - BioGNV
34070MONTPELLIEROccitanieENGIE SolutionsGNC - BioGNV
26200MONTELIMARAuvergne-Rhône-AlpesPrimagazGNC - GNL

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