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Despite clear statements that they can replace petrol and diesel, gas-powered cars have not yet taken off in Austria. OMV and Porsche Holding Salzburg, importer of the VW Group brand, now want to change this. At the presentation of the initiative on Monday, Rainer Zehle, managing director of OMV, and Hans-Peter Schützinger, board member of Porsche Holding, explained the environmental benefits of CNG (compressed natural gas), such as reducing nitrogen oxides by up to 23%, nitrogen oxides by 75% and particulate matter by 98%. He highlighted not only the environmental benefits, but also the potential cost savings for consumers.

Austria is obliged by the EU's energy and climate package to increase the share of renewables in total energy consumption to 34%. (including 10% in the transport sector)1 and to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 33% compared to 1990. Reduction. The largest contributors to CO2 emissions outside emissions trading are transport (up 70% since 1990). emissions are transport (up 70% since 1990) and heating (including hot water).

OmV promotes LNG and LNG products on both the supply and demand side. This approach creates the right infrastructure on the supply side, while increasing customer acceptance of these products. This is a prerequisite for the successful introduction of new energy solutions, enabling the development of the right products and reducing production costs.

OMV will invest up to 10 million euros in the cogeneration network. The plan is to modernise existing stations and expand the network to meet demand. This investment will expand OMV's network, which currently has 54 CNG stations in Austria. In addition, the refuelling fleet will be converted to CNG vehicles.

The European Commission today announced an ambitious initiative to establish alternative refuelling stations across Europe and set common standards for their design and operation. Previous strategic initiatives have focused on fuels and vehicles, while fuel distribution has been neglected. Moreover, efforts to create appropriate incentives have been uncoordinated and insufficient.

In Austria there are currently 170 CNG filling stations open to the public.

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BregenzArlbergstrasse 135Every Day
GrazAlte Poststrasse 87Every Day
InnsbruckReichenauer Str. 149Every Day
LinzDallingerstrasse 11Work Days6-22 Holidays
Schwarzach Im PongauSalzburger Strasse 58Every Day
SchwechatS1 KM 9Every Day
SalzburgMünchner Bundesstraße 137Every Day
Spittal an der DrauZgurner Str. 2 Kraftstoff
St. PoltenMariazeller Strasse 95Every Day
StrasswalchenNeumarkterstrasse 1Work Days8-18; Holidays Closed 
Stumm ZillertalerSchnellstrasse 80Every Day
TelfsHans-liebherr-strasse 33Every Day 6-22 
TraunWiener Bundesstrasse 151Every Day
TraunWiener Bundesstraße 151Every Day
UnterpremstattenThalerhofstrasse 70Every Day
VillachMaria-Gailer-Straße 53Every Day
VillachOssiacher Zeile 72Every Day
VilsStegen 7Every Day
WelsEferdinger Str. 81Every Day
WienBrunner Str. 77-79Every Day

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