CNG filling stations in Austria. Map and List

CNG filling stations in austria in

CNG Stations in austria in

Despite clear statements that they can replace gasoline and diesel, gas-powered cars have not yet caught on in Austria. OMV and Porsche Holding Salzburg, importer of the VW Group brand, now want to change that. At the launch of the initiative on Monday, Rainer Zehle, CEO of OMV, and Hans-Peter Schützinger, member of the board of Porsche Holding, explained the environmental benefits of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), such as the reduction of nitrogen oxides by up to 23%, nitrogen oxides by 75% and particulate matter by 98%. He emphasized not only the environmental benefits, but also the potential cost savings for consumers.

Austria is required by the EU's climate and energy package to increase the share of renewable energy in total energy consumption to 34%. (including 10% in the transport sector)1 and to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 33% compared to 1990. Reduction. The largest contributors to CO2 emissions outside of emissions trading are transportation (up 70% since 1990) and space heating (including hot water).

OmV promotes LNG and LNG products on both the supply and demand side. This approach builds the right infrastructure on the supply side while increasing customer acceptance of these products. This is a prerequisite for the successful introduction of new energy solutions, enabling the development of the right products and reducing production costs.

OMV will invest up to €10 million in the CHP network. The plan is to modernize existing stations and expand the network to meet demand. This investment will expand OMV's network of currently 54 CNG stations in Austria. In addition, the service fleet will be converted to CNG vehicles.

The European Commission today announced an ambitious move to establish alternative fueling stations across Europe and set common standards for their design and operation. Previous strategic initiatives have focused on fuels and vehicles, while fuel distribution has been neglected. In addition, efforts to create appropriate incentives have been uncoordinated and insufficient.

Map of CNG filling stations in Austria

List of CNG filling stations in Austria

AchauAm Kreisverkehr B11/b15Every Day
AltachSchweizer Strasse 45mon-sat 7-21; sun 8-20Autohaus Pirker
Altenmarkt Bei FurstenfeldAltenmarkt 191Every Day
AnsfeldenTraunuferstrasse 108Every Day
AstenAn Der Bundestrasse 1Every Day
Attnang-PuchheimSalzburger Strasse 91Every Day
Bad HofgasteinWeitmoserstrasse 1Every Day 0-23:59Turmö
Bad LeonfeldenOberstiftung 100Every Day
BadenBraitner Str. 62Every Day
BergheimLamprechtshausener Str. 3Every Day
BisambergBundesstr. 130mon-sat 6-21; sun
BischofshofenMolkereistrasse 10Every Day 0-23:59Fillup Tankstelle
Braunau Am InnSalzburger Strasse 99Every Day
BregenzArlbergstrasse 135Every Day
BrixleggInnsbrucker Str. 29Every Day
Brunn Am GebirgeFeldstraße 44Every Day
DeutschlandsbergFrauentaler Strasse 122Every Day
DoblA2 Ads KaiserwaldEvery Day
DornbirnSchwefel 70aEvery Day
EferdingKarl Schachingerstraße 17mon-sat 6-22; sun
EisenstadtMattersburger Strasse 28Every Day
EngerwitzdorfFreistadter Strasse 50Every Day
EnnsForstbergstrasse 22Every Day 7-24
Ennsdorf bei EnnsWirtschaftspark Straße 2 Verde MOBIL
EugendorfGewerbestrasse 1Every Day
FeldbachMuhldorf 300Every Day 06-22Turmö
Feldkirchen bei GrazAnton-Hermann-Str 3Every Day F. Leitner-Card; RAG-Card; Credit and Debit Card
Feldkirchen in KärntenOktober-strasse 23Every Day
FohnsdorfBundesstrasse 28Every Day 6-22Agip
FrastanzFeldkircher Strasse 47mon-sat 0-24
FrauenhofenWr. Str. 6Every Day
FrauenkirchenKrautgartengasse 649/2Every Day 0-23:59Diesel Diskont Tankstelle
FreistadtLinzer Strasse 44mon-sat 6-22 sun 7-21Shell Station
GampernSchwarzmoos 280-23:59 Credit
Gemeinde Bruck an der LeithaEco-Plus-Park 1.Straße 2Every Day 0-23:59Credit Card-only
Gemeinde Weiden am SeeObere Hauptstraße 92 - Parz. Nr. 2164 17-18Every Day
GleisdorfGrazer Strasse 42Every Day
GmundProf.-Krejci-Graf-Straße 2Work Days 5:30-21; Holidays
GmundenBahnhofstrasse 42Every Day
Golling An Der SalzachAutobahn Golling Ost 31Every Day
GrallaGewerbepark Nord 11Every Day
GrazFabriksgasse 29Every Day 6-22Turmö
GrazWeinzottlstrasse 7-15Every Day 7-19Kuss Autohaus
GrazWiener Strasse 304Every Day
GrazStraßganger Str. 436Every Day
GrazAlte Poststrasse 234Every Day
GrazAlte Poststrasse 87Every Day
GrieskirchenIndustriestrasse 29Work Days 6-22; Holidays
HaagStr. zur Autobahn 5Every Day
HaimingAmbergstrasse 40mon-sat 6-24; sun 7-22ENI-GUTMANN Tankstelle
HalleinSalzachtalstraße 16Work Days 6-21; Holidays
HardRheinstrasse 20Every Day
HardRheinstrasse 24Every Day
Hofstatten An Der RaabPirching 97Every Day
InnsbruckAndechsstraße 83Every Day
InnsbruckReichenauer Str. 149Every Day
InnsbruckAnton-Melzer-Strasse 10Work Days 6-22; Holidays
InnsbruckFurstenweg 87Work Days 6:30-21; Holidays
InnsbruckAmraser-See-Straße 64Every Day
KapfenbergWiener Strasse 79Every Day
Kematen in TirolSellrainer Strasse 2Every Day 0-23:59ENI-GUTMANN Tankstelle
Klagenfurt am WörtherseeSudring 315Every Day
Klagenfurt am WörtherseeVölkermarkter Str. 272Every Day
Klaus an der PyhrnbahnKlaus an der Pyhrnbahn 147Every Day
KnittelfeldWiener Strasse 51Every Day
Krems An Der DonauWiener Strasse 63Every Day
Krems An Der DonauGewerbeparkstrasse 1Work Days5-22 Holidays
KremsmünsterZaunhofEvery Day 0-23:59 Unmanned
KufsteinOskar Pirlo Strasse 32Every Day
LaakirchenA1 Ads Lindach NordEvery Day
Langenrohr/AsparnTeichstraße 1Every Day
LannachRadlpassstrasse 26Every Day
LeobenKerpelystrasse 34Work Days6-20; sat 6-14; sun - ClosedTankstelle Stadtwerke Leoben
LiezenGesausestrasse 20Every Day
LinzHafenstrasse 8Every Day
LinzDinghoferstrasse 35-37Every Day 0-23:59Turmö
LinzHanuschstrasse 128Work Days6-22; Holidays
LinzWaldeggstrasse 44Every Day
LinzIndustriezeile 78Work Days 5-23; Holidays 8-19BP Tankstelle
LinzDallingerstrasse 11Work Days6-22 Holidays
LoosdorfGewerbestrasse 8Every Day
LustenauHagstrasse 27Every Day
MaishofenZeller Strasse 29Every Day
Margarethen Am MoosEnergiestraße 9Unmanned CreditCard-ONLY 0-23:59EVM Biomethan Tankstelle
Matrei Am BrennerBrennerautobahn WestEvery Day
Matrei Am BrennerBrennerautobahn OstEvery Day
MattersburgMichael Koch Strasse 65Work Days 5-23; Holidays
MelkWachbergstrasse 3Every Day
MiedersStubaitalstraße 10Every Day 6-24ENI-GUTMANN Tankstelle
MilsBundesstrasse 14Work Days 6-22; Holidays 8-21ENI-GUTMANN Tankstelle
Mils bei ImstAn der Au 1 (Inntal Autobahn)Every Day 0-23:59Agip
MistelbachMitschastrasse 38Every Day 5-23AGIP Tankstelle
MollersdorfWiener Strasse 197Every Day
Niederndorf Bei KufsteinAudorfer Str. 41Every Day 6-22; Credit Card
OberndorfBahnhofstrasse 11Every Day 7-19 Credit Card 0-23:59tankautomat
Oberndorf Bei SalzburgSalzburger Strasse 4Work Days 6-23; Holidays 7-23Shell Station
OberpullendorfStoob Sud 6Every Day
OberwartGrazer Strasse 123Every Day
OttensheimLinzer Strasse 60Work Days05-21:30; Holidays
PergNaarner Str. 73Work Days6-21; Holidays 8-21IQ Tankstelle
PochlarnReichsstrasse 14Every Day
PrutzGewerbestraße 2Every Day
Puch-HalleinUrstein Nord 15Every Day
Purgstall An Der ErlaufErlauftalstrasse 86Work Days6:30-21; Holidays 8-20Turmö
RankweilLanggasse 119Every Day
Reith bei SeefeldKrinz 27Every Day
ReutteKreckelmoosstraße 25Every Day 6-24ENI-GUTMANN Tankstelle
Ried Im InnkreisFriedrich Thurner Strasse 19Work Days 6-21:45; Holidays
RohrbachUmfahrung Süd 1Work Days 5-22; Holidays
SaalfeldenAZeller Bundesstraße 1aEvery Day 6-22eni Saalfelden
SalzburgMünchner Bundesstraße 137Every Day
SalzburgSchallmooser Hauptstraße 54Work Days 6-22; Holidays
Salzburg-WalsFranz-Brötznerstraße 2Every Day 0-23:59turmö
Sankt Florian Am InnBundesstraße 129Every Day
Sankt Georgen Am YbbsfeldeHermannsdorf 2aWork Days 5-24; Holidays 8-22Shell Station
Sankt Johann Im PongauBundesstrasse 2Every Day
Sankt Johann In TirolSalzburgerstrasse 23Work Days
SattledtHauptstraße 2Every Day
SchalchenLandstraße 37Work Days 6-22; Holidays
SchlittersSchlitters 27c6-22 sun
SchwanenstadtSalzburger Straße 41Mo-Fr: 6:00-22:00; Sa: 7:00-22:00; So- und Feiertage: 8:00-22:00ENI Tankstelle
SchwarzachGutenbergstrasse 6Every Day 6-22ENI-GUTMANN Tankstelle
Schwarzach Im PongauSalzburger Strasse 58Every Day
SchwechatS1 KM 9Every Day
SiegendorfFachmarktzentrum 1Work Days 5-23 Holidays
Spittal an der DrauZgurner Str. 2 Kraftstoff
St. PoltenMariazeller Strasse 95Every Day
St. PoltenKeltenstrasse 2Work Days6-22; Holidays
SteyrHaagerstrasse 38aEvery Day
StockerauAutobahn A 22Every Day
Strasshof An Der NordbahnHauptstrasse 119Work Days And Before Holidays 5-24; Holidays
StrasswalchenNeumarkterstrasse 1Work Days8-18; Holidays Closed 
Stumm ZillertalerSchnellstrasse 80Every Day
TelfsHans-liebherr-strasse 33Every Day 6-22 
TraunWiener Bundesstrasse 151Every Day
TraunWiener Bundesstraße 151Every Day
UnterpremstattenThalerhofstrasse 70Every Day
VillachMaria-Gailer-Straße 53Every Day
VillachOssiacher Zeile 72Every Day
VilsStegen 7Every Day
VompIndustriezone 12Every Day 0-23:59ENI-GUTMANN Tankstelle
WeizGleisdorferstrasse 111Work Days6-21; Holidays 8-20Landring Shell Tankstelle
WelsEferdinger Str. 81Every Day
WelsEisenfeldstrasse 2Every Day
WienGroß-Enzersdorfer Str. 24-26Every Day
WienHirschstettner Str. 34Every Day
WienGadnergasse 12Every Day
WienBrunner Str. 77-79Every Day
WienBrünner Str. 172Every Day
WienDonaustadtstrasse 43Every Day
WienSterngasse 13Every Day
WienTriester Str. 68Every Day
WienSiemensstraße 105Every Day
WienLaaer-Berg-Straße 240Every Day
WienPrager Str. 136-140Work Days6-21; Holidays 7-19AWI Diskont Tankstelle
WienRautenweg 13Work
WienAdalbert Stifter Strasse 67Every Day
WienKM 1.5 7.Haidequerstraße 2Every Day
WienBreitenleer Straße B302 112 OstringEvery Day
WienAltmannsdorfer Str. 96Every Day
WienHernalser Hauptstraße 173 - 175Every Day 0-23:59turmö
Wiener NeudorfIZ NÖ-Süd Straße 1 ObjEvery Day 0-23:59 
Wiener NeustadtWienerstrasse 126Every Day
WiesingDorf Nr. 23 DEvery Day
WolfsbergKlagenfurter Strasse 16Every Day
WorglInnsbrucker Strasse 36Every Day
YbbsA1/WestautobahnEvery Day
ZamsHauptstrasse 14Every Day 6-22Disk Tankstelle
ZwettlFranz Eigl-Straße 10Every Day

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