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In recent years, Portugal has implemented an energy policy based on improving energy efficiency and promoting energy from renewable sources as a tool to tackle climate change, reduce external energy dependence and contribute to security of supply.

To this end, the Portuguese Government defines the minimum requirements for the deployment of alternative fuel infrastructures, including, among others, CNG refuelling stations, to be defined through the mandatory adoption of national policy frameworks, as well as common technical specifications for such refuelling points and information requirements for users.

Thus, this National Action Framework includes an assessment of the current situation and future evolution of the alternative fuels market in the transport sector in Portugal and the development of the planned infrastructures, taking into account, where appropriate, cross-border continuity, and will define national objectives and targets for the creation of such infrastructures, specifically in the field of natural gas, as well as the measures necessary to ensure their fulfilment.

The use of natural gas for vehicles, CNG, can offer both economic and environmental savings. The cost associated with natural gas is significantly lower than conventional fuels (diesel and petrol) and, due to its characteristics, it provides clean combustion. At the environmental level, compared to traditional fuels, the emissions associated with this alternative fuel are also lower. Thus, in recent years, a legal framework has been defined in Portugal to promote the use of natural gas as an alternative to conventional fuels in the transport sector.

The infrastructure for the supply of natural gas vehicles in Portugal is still under development. At the end of 2015, there were 6 CNG refuelling stations available to the public.

Today, the network of CNG refuelling stations in Portugal has developed and is growing steadily, although the number of refuelling points is still low compared to other European countries

Thus, there are currently 16 CNG refuelling stations open to the public in Portugal, with several dozen more in the pipeline.

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GALPA4 IP4Km3,2e4,1-SCUT Grande Porto,Lanço Sendim, 4460-739Leça do Balio
DOUROGASR. Estr. Nacional Nº1 1711, 4535-214Mozelos
DOUROGASLugar de Urjais, 5370-132Vila Flor
GALPN3 Km 8,966, 2050-000Azambuja
DOUROGASQ.ta da Mendanha, 2580-491Carregado
DOUROGASRua José Malhoa, Bairro Casal do Monte Lote 16, 2660-699Santo António dos Cavaleiros
DOUROGASEstr. do Caia, 7350-443Elvas
DOUROGASQ.ta da Marquesa IVPalmela
DOUROGASRua José Malhoa n 1Loures
DOUROGASQuinta da MedanhaCarregado
DOUROGASA25Vilar Formoso
DOUROGASRua do CoutoEscariz
Transportes UrbanosRua Quinta de Santa Maria MaximinosBraga
DOUROGASR. Eng. Luís Delgado dos SantosPorto

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