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The UK has vast reserves of natural gas and a national distribution network that provides safe and easy access to these gas volumes. Compressed natural gas - CNG - is natural gas that is taken from the pipeline and compressed to a fraction of its volume without losing its energy potential. Trucks and buses fueled by CNG can travel up to 350 miles between refuelings. CNG is an environmentally friendly and fundamentally economical fuel that is currently best suited for the commercial vehicle sector, such as municipal and private waste management vehicles, bus fleets and delivery vehicles for large distribution chains.

The transport sector is the largest source of carbon dioxide emissions in the UK. In 2019, they accounted for 34% of the UK's total greenhouse gas emissions, of which 4.5% was specifically from trucking. The five refueling stations currently operated by CNG Fuels provide a low-carbon, low-cost alternative fuel source for truck operators looking to switch from diesel to natural gas. Over the next two years, the company will add 14 new refueling stations across the UK to its strategic network, responding to growing demand for renewable fuels from major brands and enabling significant reductions of more than 80% in carbon emissions from vehicle fleets.

While the government is committed to maintaining a clear advantage for gas vehicles until 2032, Bio-CNG will be favorably positioned in terms of fuel tax compared to diesel vehicles. This provides a financial incentive for fleet operators to switch to CNG and gain access to a fuel that is 35% to 40% cheaper.

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Red Lion Truck StopA45 Weedon Rd, Upper Heyford, HarpoleNorthamptonNN7 4DE
Gasrec Bio-LNG DIRFTDIRFT East Site, A5NorthamptonNN6 7BZ
Erdington CNG StationStandard WayBirminghamB24 8DD
Stephenson WayStephenson Way, Newark-on-TrentNewarkNG24 2TQ
CNG fuel station22 Cowley WayCreweCW1 6AG
CNG refuellingSkyline Dr, BurtonwoodWarringtonWA5 3XA
Knowsley CNG Fuels Filling StationKnowsley Business ParkPrescot L34 9GT
CNG fuel stationWigan RdLeylandPR25 5UD

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September 15, 2021.Gasrec, one of the UK's leading suppliers of road fuel for gas commercial vehicles, is expanding its compressed natural gas (CNG) offering for trucks in the UK with the opening of a new filling station at Ocado Group's Dordon Customer Fulfilment Centre.

The new facility in Dordon will be operational in the second quarter of 2022. It is being designed and built by Gasrec to provide fuel for the 10 CNG tractors already operating at the site and to convert Dordon's remaining tractor fleet (70 in total) from diesel to blended biomethane, Gasrec announced.

The Dordon facility will operate by tanker truck, with Ocado signing a 10-year supply agreement with Gasrec. With 60 natural gas trucks operating out of Hatfield and Dordon, this latest development will enable Ocado to double its CNG units over the next three years, with more than two-thirds of its total fleet running on natural gas.

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