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It is recommended to develop hydrogen technology in road transport Road transport in the EU countries, including in the Directive of the European Parliament. European Parliament and Council 2014/94/EU of 22 October 2014. October 2014. in accordance with the provisions of this Directive, it is recommended that EU countries progressively ensure the accessibility of hydrogen cars on their territory within their territory and, in particular, to ensure the the possibility to drive hydrogen cars between Member States.

Accordingly, the study assumed that the pre commercial phase of the development of hydrogen technology Technology in Poland will take place in the next few years 2020-2030, and the full commercialization will be be fully commercialized in the years 2040-2050.

As a result of the study, a national plan has already been drawn up for the installation of hydrogen supply at the first refueling stations, in particular, the freedom for of hydrogen-powered cars visiting and driving in Poland. Visiting Poland and transiting our country through other EU countries other EU countries. The first phase of the project includes the installation of hydrogen supply at filling stations in Poznan, Warsaw, Bialystok, Szczecin, Lodz, Wroclaw, Katowice region and Krakow.

According to this National Plan, in the phase of full commercialization (years 2040-. 2050), the country should have about 200-600 hydrogen refueling stations for 600,000 and 2 million passenger cars 500-1000 buses and 100-300 thousand cars in transit through Poland. Cars in transit through Poland

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