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Liquefied petroleum gas is a clean fuel, cost-effective in use and an environmentally friendly substitute for gasoline and diesel in the market that is driving the demand for LPG. The major drivers of the global LPG market are increasing consumption of LPG due to rising population, government initiatives to use cleaner fuel, industrialization and urbanization, increasing investments in developing countries, and improved R&D.

However, the storage problem of LPG, irregular supply of this fuel in the country and the high installation cost of the LPG liquefaction process are the main limitations of this market. Due to the properties of LPG, such as its high flammability, suppliers have problems in storing and supplying it. Among the application segments, residential and commercial segments are the dominant segments globally due to increasing investments and urbanization and industrialization. People's preference for traditional uses of the fuel and government initiatives have driven the demand for LPG worldwide.

In Sweden there is not a large deployment of LPG as an automotive fuel although several initiatives in the country are pursuing renewable LPG that may drive the installation of LPG-fueled refueling stations.

Map of LPG filling stations in Sweden

List of LPG refueling stations in the sweden

Name / CompanyAddressCityOpening time
Helden & Hecktor ABGöteborgsvägen 1 460 65 Brålanda mo-su 0900-2100
Gasbolaget i DalarnaRagvaldsberg 4791 96 Falunmo-th 0700-1630 fr 0700-1300
Vâstra Frölunda / JärnbrottsmotetAxel Adlers Gata 3421 32 Västra Frölunda24 hours
Kem och Gas ABBarnhemsgatan 20553 02 Jönköpingmo-fr 0700-1600
OK / Q8 KarlstadHagalundsvägen 27653 41 Karlstadmo-fr 0630-2200 sa-su 0800-2200
Ring-Gas ABÖstra flinka286 91 Ôrkelljungamo-fr 0700-1600
OK / Q8 PiteåOktanvägen 4 / E4941 38 Piteåmo-sa 0700-2200 su 0900-2200
Skaraborgs GasolNorregårdsvägen 18541 34 Skövdemo-fr 0730-1630
Preem Gas NackaVattenverksvägen 2131 41 Nackamo-fr 0600-2400 sa-su 0800-2400
GasolfyllarnaHusmässan 1145 63 NorsborgMo-fr 10-16
Gasoldepån i Sundsvall ABHybelvägen 8862 33 Kvisslebymo-fr 0800-1700
Timmernabbens KaramellfabrikkTimmernabbsv 4383 92 Mönsteråsmo-fr 0900-1600 sa 1100-1300
Gasbolaget ABSandvägen 17352 45Växjömo-fr 1300-1600
Åhus GasoltjänstFlötevägen 201296 91 Åhus24 h
Åhus GasFlötovägen 233-24296 91 Åhusmo-fr 0800-1800 sa 0800-1300
AniolgasolHagaslättvägen 210260 51 Ekebymo, fr 13-17 sa 08-13
ÖPEnergiNorra Stånggatan 13582 73 Linköpingmo,-fr 0730-1800
Aksel Barkman ABKungsgatan 87632 21 Eskilstunamo - fr 0700 - 1600
Flygstadens GasolstationOlofsdalsvägen 37302 41 Halmstadmo - fr 13 - 18 sa- su 11 - 14
Gasolfyllarna i NorrköpingMoa Martinsons gatan 14603 78 NorrköpingWinter 08 - 17 Summer 11 - 17
GT PetroliumTenngränden 2374 31 Karlshamn mo-th 14-18 Last Saturday in month 10-14
SBG GaspøGiselsbergvägen 166375 90 MörrumMo-fr 07-18, sa 10-14
Höllvikens GasolLångeväg 244236 91 Höllvikenmo-fr 1830-2000, sa-su after 1000.
E22ans GasolPer Mattissons väg 47291 91 Kristianstadmo-fr 09-18, sa -su 10-16
GastollFjädervägen645 47 Strängnäsmo-fr 13-17, sa 10-14, su 13-15
Gasol Malmö LPGAlmviksvägen 21 A218 45 Vintriemo,wed 13-17, tu,fr 11-17, thu 13-19, su 10-14
Stattena Gasolstation HelsingborgÄngelholmsvägen 36254 42 Helsingborgma-fr 13-17

News about LPG Filling Stations in the United Kingdom

February 4, 2021. Poland's Ekobenz has agreed to a partnership that grants LPG distribution company UGI International exclusive rights to its bio-LPG production.

Ekobenz converts organic matter from industrial waste into bio-GLP and bio-gasoline, or BG100, which can be used as biofuel at up to 85% of gasoline, according to the company. It already supplies the latter product to a global energy company, and will deliver the first bio-GLP from its Bogumiłow (Poland) production plant to UGI's facility in Gothenburg (Sweden) in the coming weeks, UGI reported.

UGI will initially sell through its subsidiaries in the Nordic countries - Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden - where there is a developed market and growing demand for bio-GLP. The agreement allows UGI to sell to any of its European portfolio companies.

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