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LPG as a fuel has been available for petrol engines in Switzerland for a long time. It was already very common in Italy in the 1970s and has been to this day. The entire bus fleet of the Bern Public Transport Company also ran on LPG.

At first, LPG was widespread in taxis (e.g. all taxis in Zurich), and later also in the private motor vehicle sector in the 1980s in Switzerland due to favourable prices. However, due to increased taxation, it lost public interest in Switzerland again. Today, LPG is established as a fuel in some European countries and currently (since 7 July 2006), LPG (liquefied petroleum gas/autogas) has a tax reduction for use in motor vehicles in Switzerland although it was already tax exempt a few years ago.

Increased interest in Bio LPG, as well as air quality protection measures, are bringing LPG back into the spotlight because of the ease of adapting engines to use a cleaner fuel without other added problems.

There are currently 47 filling stations in Switzerland offering LPG for sale to the public, a somewhat sparse network for Switzerland's needs.

Map of LPG filling stations in Switzerland

List of LPG stations in Switzerland

AgipVia Locarno 122Ascona6612/ 24h
AviaWeyermannstrasse 28Bern3008/ 24h
EniAutobahnraststätte A1Deitingen4543/ 06.00 - 22.00
PanGasRte de Bois 14Ecublens1024/ 24h
Baumarep AGAlte Landstrasse 177Gamsen3900/ 24h
MigrolAutobahnraststätte Gunzgen Nord A1/A2 A1Gunzgen4617/ 24h
M. RüfenachtSimmentalstrasse 201eGwatt3645/ 24h
A3 Stop & GoZugerstrasse 231Horgen8810/ 24h
Schillig AGFeldmoosstrasse 10Lachen8853/ 24h
AgipVia CantonaleMagliasco6983/ 07.00-22.00
BPLuzerner Autobahnraststätte A2, Neuenkirch OstNeuenkirch6206/ 24h
AviaFreiburgstrasse 528Niederwangen3172/ 24h
AgipVia Valletta 9Novazzano6883/ 24h
AgipAutobahn RaststätteQuinto6776/ 24h
HBB Garage GmbHHauptstrasse 168Reitnau5057/ 24h
Landi RottalWolhuserstrasse 10Ruswil6017/ 24h
Gotthard RaststätteA2 Uri Süd, DimmerschachenSchattdorf6467/ 24h
AgipRte de l'AéroportSion1950/ 24h
FlamolOberlandstrasse 54Spiez3700/ 24h
PanGasPiccardstrasse 5St. Gallen9015/ 24h
BPAutobahnraststätte A1, Thurgau SüdWil9500/ 24h
PanGasIndustriestrasse 40Winterthur8404/ 24h
Schneider GarageWehntalerstrasse 276Zürich8046/ 24h

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