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Workshops to install LPG in Vehicles

Roman Frey 09:25 AM News

Although it remains unknown to the general public, there are more and more workshops transforming cars or vans to LPG Autogas. The market is growing as well as the knowledge of a simple operation in our vehicle that brings us economic benefit and collaborates with the global objective of reducing emissions to be able to live in a cleaner and more ecological world

The list that is indicated refers to those workshops with proven experience and that carry out their work with a good reception by their clients

It is possible that someone may deserve to be on this list and is not, if so, do not hesitate to tell us.

A car with LPG not only pollutes less, it is also cheaper and has a greater autonomy than a vehicle with only traditional fuel. Now that totally renewable Liquefied Gas production alternatives are opening up, such as Bio-LPG, the possibilities of this fuel are promising for a more sustainable future

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