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As Japan is an island country, the use of LPG, due to its ease of storage, is supplied to 90% of the population for general use, with massive use also in transport.

In 2009, the Government of Japan mandated energy suppliers to promote the use of non-fossil energy resources and the efficient use of fossil energy resources and, thus, LPG suppliers and municipal gas companies are obliged to introduce bio-LPG.

NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Organisation) initiated in 2010 a bio-LPG project, which consisted of biomass gasification and direct LPG synthesis process with a hybrid catalyst. Through a two-year two-year study, it became clear that bio-LPG is suitable for the current LPG supply chain in Japan.

The organisation is leading the momentum developed in Japan for the use of bio-LPG in transportation, with broad consensus from public institutions and automobile manufacturers.

In Japan there is currently an extensive network of refueling stations offering LPG for sale to the public, extending to every province in the country.

Map of LPG filling stations in Japan

List of LPG stations in Japan

Tokyo Auto Gas Koishikawa LPG Service StationTokyo Bunkyo-ku Hakusan 1-chome 20-7Tokyo
Eneosu Oharano Filling Station68-2 Oharano Haigatacho, Nishikyo WardKyoto
Showa Shell Miyakojima Ward, Nakanocho, 2 Chome−15−20Osaka
Toho Liquefied Gas Sakurada Eco Station19-18 Sakuradacho, Atsuta WardNagoya
Ohno Group LPG Gas Station22-15 Nishihakushimacho, Naka WardHiroshima
ENEOS EneJetHigashi Ward, Kita 23 Johigashi, 14 Chome−22−1Sapporo
Kobe MK Taxis Head Office8 Chome-11-2 Minatojima, Chuo WardKobe
Iwanuma LPG stationSukahara-159 OshiwakeIwanuma
Adachi Truck Terminal Eco StationIriya 6-1-1Adachi
Wakamatsu Gas Station Eco StationOhgicho 112-1Aizuwakamatsu City
Nishi-Akashi Eco StationKokubo 1-6-3Akashi City
Nakawan Nagata Eco StationSeven houses 1-19Higashi-Osaka City
Higashiura Eco StationŌji Seiji Katayama 55-1Higashiura, Chita
Higashiyodogawa Eco StationToyoshin 2-14-3Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka
Rinku Town Eco StationRinku Kita 1-19Izumisano City
Joetsu North Eco StationMatsumura Nitta 3-5Joetsu City
Taniyama Eco StationNan-Rong 3-25Kagoshima City
Kanazawa Eco StationYukiura 2-6-6Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama
Karatsu Eco StationKanda 2329Karatsu City
Karita Eco StationKarita 3787-65Karita Town, Kyoto
Eco Station HashimaTashiro Wakamiya 1105Kasamatsu, Hashima
Eco Station 10-2 [During long-term closure]Juyo 249-60Kashiwa City
Okazaki Eco StationNishikicho 4-17Okazaki City
Cooperative Bus Okegawa Natural Gas StandKano 2534-2Okegawa City
Ome Gas Eco StationSuehirocho 2-10Ome City

News about LPG filling stations in Japan

September 1, 2021. Mutual Taxi (Matsushima, Wakayama City) has installed and put into operation an LP gas booth for cars. Equipped with a feature that can supply fuel for daily life in the event of a disaster, the company says it hopes to support the local population.

Of the 142 company vehicles, 136 use LP gas, which are low emission vehicles. However, if a typhoon or other power outage occurs, the gas supply is interrupted, so the company has set up its own gas station that can be activated even in the event of a disaster. The company has also installed emergency gas pumps and LP gas pumps.

The gas station is also equipped with an LP gas generator, which can supply gas stoves and heating equipment and charge mobile phones even if the lifeline is cut. Since it can also serve food, it has signed a catastrophe agreement with the city of Wakayama as a temporary evacuation center.

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