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Autogas is increasingly becoming an alternative to petrol and diesel and is currently the only fuel whose consumption is growing in Portugal. According to the Portuguese government's Directorate-General for Energy, demand for LPG is growing at almost twice the rate of other fuels.

Sales of LPG cars, especially bi-fuels - LPG and petrol - are increasing, partly because companies can significantly reduce the cost of running their fleets and because the sector is being boosted by recently approved new regulations.

That's why Galp, Repsol and BP are focusing more on LPG. As well as offering help with vehicle conversions, the companies have increased the number of LPG filling stations which with the lifting of parking restrictions and positive discrimination due to environmental regulations, the factors that were previously a barrier to buyers are disappearing and the increase in sales in Portugal is very predictable.

In Portugal there are currently 393 filling stations offering LPG for sale to the public, a network that reaches every corner of mainland Portugal.

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List of LPG stations in Portugal

REPSOLE.S. FROSSOSEN 201 Km 62,8Braga4700-000
AUCHANAUCHAN CASCAISAv.Sintra nº 1617Cascais2755-318
REPSOLE.S. CHAFARIZ D'EL REIEN 18 (Largo Chafariz d'El Rei)Évora7000-000
PRIOPRIO FaroEN 125-10, Marchil MontenegroFaro8005-146
BPBP GUIMARAES - PEVIDEMRua João Pereira FernandesGuimarães4835-324
GASPROCARGASPROCARRua de Santa Clara - ParceirosLeiria2400-019
BPBP AV. PADRE CRUZAv. Padre CruzLisboa1600-000
SHELLSHELL RECAREIR. RecareiR. RedolhosMatosinhos4465-648
CEPSAA.S. Lançada Moita/MontijoNó do Barreiro A12 ( IP1 Km 9,4 ) Montijo2870-521
REPSOLE.S. PACOS DE FERREIRAVia do Poder LocalPaços de Ferreira4594-930
Q8Q8 CIRCUNVALAÇÃOEstrada da circunvalação n.º 10783 e 10853\nPorto4250-152
LECLERCE. LECLERC SANTARÉMQuinta do MergulhãoSantarém2005-071
OZ EnergiaOZ ENERGIA - SETÚBALEstrada da VarzinhaSetúbal2900-657
SHELLSHELL Mira-Sintra SulA16, Km 2Sintra2735-395
ECOBRENTECOBRENT VIANA DO CASTELOR. Carregais, 106 (N202)\nViana do Castelo4900-717

News about LPG filling stations in Portugal

January 25, 2021. PRIO: LPG Auto has an important role in the energy transition and mobility of the future

Despite having recognized merits from an environmental point of view, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is not sufficiently recognized in the current panorama of the automobile market. However, its adoption allows notable advantages in several aspects, the first of which is associated with the lower cost of use and the second related to its lower ecological footprint. For PRIO, this is also a way forward in the field of its many offers to customers.

PRIO's position in Portugal is to offer a wide network of supply stations with geographical dispersion to serve the entire country, and for this it is evaluated that each new gas station always supplies LPG. If the number of LPG vehicles continues to grow and accelerates its growth rate compared to recent years, it is even considered to invest in more service stations.

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