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Diesel and petrol are good fuels. They are easy to fill up, take up little space in the car and have a long range on one tank. Unfortunately, we need to significantly reduce our carbon footprint and we cannot continue to use fossil fuels. Renewable petrol and diesel and their variants are only sufficient to replace a small proportion of the fuels we use today and will be needed in the near future in older vehicles and specialist vehicles such as work machines and aircraft. LPG is a good and cost-effective fuel alternative that is already available today. In Sweden, there are almost 40 different vehicles for sale, ranging from small cars to large trucks. In addition, there is now an extensive network of filling stations throughout the country, which means that in most cases it is easy to fill up with LPG. Petrol stations can usually choose to buy only renewable biogas, but in some places it is only possible to buy a blend containing a small proportion of traditional LPG. The average price of LPG in Sweden makes it an economical option for Swedish drivers.

A vehicle that can run on LPG usually costs a little more than an equivalent vehicle that runs on petrol alone, but the difference in fuel price compensates for the price difference. Compared to other types of vehicles that can run on renewable fuels, these vehicles are relatively inexpensive, making bio-LPG a good option for those who want to drive renewably.

Bio-LPG is slightly cheaper than petrol and diesel in terms of energy content and energy efficiency in new vehicles, so the fuel cost is usually slightly lower than for equivalent petrol vehicles.

The price of LPG in Sweden is stable at around 50% of the price of petrol and is a cheap alternative to traditional fuels.

The average price of LPG Autogas in Sweden in

The average price of LPG Autogas in Sweden in is


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