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LPG and BioLPG will play a key role in Ireland's energy transition by providing communities and businesses with a mobility alternative to traditional carbon-intensive fuels, at a competitive price without driving up transport costs.

Being responsible for 20% of Irish emissions and being the third largest emitting sector, transport will play an important role in Ireland's national decarbonisation agenda, with the ambition stated in Ireland's draft NECP to decarbonise the national car fleet by 2050 and to increase the use of alternative fuels in the transport sector, increasing the importance of the Government's National Policy Framework on Alternative Fuels Infrastructure for transport in Ireland, which outlines a long-term vision for the sector.

The fact that LPG is priced significantly lower than other transport alternatives and does not require a large investment to be used in vehicles means that economically speaking, it will be unrivalled in the near future if mass decarbonisation is to be achieved.

The price of LPG in Ireland is around half the price of petrol or diesel, making it an economical and environmentally friendly alternative in equal measure.

The average price of LPG Autogas in Ireland in

The average price of LPG Autogas in Ireland in is



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Price List by Service Station in Ireland

Emo BelfastAntrim0,819
GalaKilmeadan X91Waterford1,159
CalorCarnmore WestGalway1,05
AN WalkinstownDublin0,947
Emo OilDroghedaLouth1,099

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