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The market share of new LPG registrations in Austria is still comparatively low. LPG is a clean alternative, especially for people who drive a lot. The number of new registrations of vehicles running on autogas (LPG) as fuel decreased by about 4 % in Austria. This is also reflected in the market share of LPG vehicles. Can a subsidy from the public sector help more motorists to convert their vehicle?

Around 7,000 LPG vehicles are registered in Austria every year. However, a look abroad shows important differences. In Turkey and Poland, for example, there are more than two million vehicles running on LPG, while in Germany there are about 448,000 vehicles running on LPG.

LPG offers many advantages and is a good alternative to petrol and diesel for both economic and ecological reasons. Above all, the favourable price is a decisive factor for many motorists to convert to LPG. In addition, LPG burns with less CO2 and fewer pollutants and is much cleaner than petrol or diesel. No soot is produced when LPG is burnt. In addition, nitrogen oxide emissions are reduced by about 20% compared to petrol vehicles. Compared to diesel vehicles, they are even more than 95 % lower. Against the background of the recent diesel scandals, which have led to a massive loss of confidence in diesel engines, consumers are increasingly turning to the low-emission alternative fuel LPG.

In Austria, the network of LPG filling stations is already relatively well developed. A positive development can definitely be observed, as the number of LPG filling stations has increased in recent years and private and company filling stations are also available (as of March 2018). Pure LPG filling stations are not always staffed. Here you pay with a CE or customer card. Filling up with LPG is as easy as filling up with diesel or petrol. However, when refuelling, the nozzle is screwed tightly to the filler neck of the vehicle, creating a closed system. Autogas users can also count on a well-developed network of autogas filling stations in our neighbouring European countries. LPG can be dispensed at more than 40,000 filling stations throughout Europe. LPG is particularly widespread in Eastern European countries such as Poland. There are also many LPG pumps in Italy.

Map of LPG filling stations in Austria

List of LPG stations in Austria

eni Markt AllhauWaldstraße Nr. 47410 Loipersdorf-KitzladenBurgenland
OIL! Tankstelle - DRACHENGASAm Seeblick 27082 DonnerskirchenBurgenland
DOPGAS DOPPLER Tankstellenbetriebs GmbHGewerbestr. 89112 GriffenKärnten
OMV Autobahn TankstelleA10, Laggen 199861 EisentrattenKärnten
Shell Tankstelle Thörl-MaglernThörl-Maglern 359602 Thörl-MaglernKärnten
Dopgas Doppler Tankstellenbetriebs GmbHBrunnerstraße B12A2345 Brunn am GebirgeNiederösterreich
DOPGAS Tankstelle J. SchwarzAutobahn A 2, Richtung Graz Km 14,22353 GuntramsdorfNiederösterreich
DRACHENGAS Tankstelle - Propangas AGIndustriestraße 12432 SchwadorfNiederösterreich
eni Ybbs-KemmelbachA1, Westautobahn3373 Ybbs-KemmelbachNiederösterreich
FLAGA-FlüssiggastankstelleS1 Abfahrt Korneuburg N / Tresdorf2111 Tresdorf bei KorneuburgNiederösterreich
Monetti Tankstelle - DRACHENGASWienerstraße 402120 WolkersdorfNiederösterreich
Shell Tankstelle PöchlarnReichsstrasse 143380 PöchlarnNiederösterreich
Shell Tankstelle SchrickAntensee 32191 SchrickNiederösterreich
Shell Tankstelle TraiskirchenWiener Neustädter Straße 1342512 TraiskirchenNiederösterreich
Dopgas Doppler Tankstellenbetriebs GmbHKlaus 1474564 KlausOberösterreich
DOPGAS TankstelleIndustriezeile 784020 LinzOberösterreich
eni St. Marienkirchen / SchärdingAndiesen 154774 MarienkirchenOberösterreich
eni VorchdorfFachmarktstraße / Gewerbepark4655 VorchdorfOberösterreich
GENOL Mengenhof TankstelleTrappenhof Süd 1 - Autobahn A8 / E5524714 MeggenhofenOberösterreich
Shell Autohof HaagGeierau 44680 HaagOberösterreich
Shell Tankstelle UnterweitersdorfRadingdorf 94210 UnterweitersdorfOberösterreich
DOPGAS Stabauer FranzEferdingerstrasse 814600 WelsÖberösterreich
AUTOGAS TankstelleSüdbahnstraße 39900 LienzOsttirol
eni Puch-HalleinUrstein Nord 155412 Puch bei HalleinSalzburg
LPG Siegfried GolserWiener Bundesstraße 155300 HallwangSalzburg
AUTOGAS Tankstelle und ShopGesäusestrasse 188940 LiezenSteiermark
OMV Autobahn TankstelleA9, KM 1648121 DeutschfeistritzSteiermark
Welog Truck & Trailer GmbH - DRACHENGASLagerplatz Weg 1638262 IlzSteiermark
Wings TankstelleTriesterstrasse 4598055 PuntigamSteiermark
AUTOGAS Tankstelle Fa. DolleFernpass6465 NassreithTirol
DOPGAS Autobahn TankstelleInnsbrucker Ampaß A126020 InnsbruckTirol
ENI Gutmann KematenSellrainer Straße 26175 KematenTirol
ENI Gutmann MiedersSellrainer Straße 26142 MiedersTirol
ENI Gutmann ReutteKreckelmoosstraße 56600 ReutteTirol
EUROTANK SinnesbergerInnsbrucker Straße 686382 KirchdorfTirol
FLAGA M3 TankstelleTassenbach 129918 StrassenTirol
OIL! Tankstelle - DRACHENGASDorfstraße 856271 UdernsTirol
OIL! Tankstelle - DRACHENGASAn der Bundesstraße 1796621 BichlbachTirol
OIL! Tankstelle - DRACHENGASFurchgasse 2a6845 HohenemsVorarlberg
DOPGAS Tankstelle Czibula MartinAn der Bundesstraße 162333 Leopoldsdorf bei WienWien
eni WienDonaustadtstraße 431220 WienWien

News about LPG filling stations in Austria

July 15, 2022. At the end of 2021, the trade association of the mineral oil industry recorded 2,748 publicly accessible filling stations as part of its filling station statistics. This is a slight increase compared to the 2,733 filling stations in the previous year. There are also 273 diesel delivery points for agriculture. The mineral oil industry thus makes a reliable contribution to security of supply.

The survey distinguishes between two large groups of petrol stations: The brands of the FVMI member companies bp, Eni, JET, OMV and Shell fall under the so-called 1,322 major-branded service stations. The other group – 1,426 petrol stations – is made up of numerous other petrol station brands, such as Turmöl, Genol, Avia and A1. Compared to last year, the number of major-branded stations has slightly decreased, while the number of other stations has increased. At 40 petrol stations, 22 of which are major-branded, LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas or Autogas).

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