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Transporters, companies and individuals in the Netherlands consume more and more Biogas. More and more green gas is available in the country and the number of cars that can run on bioCNG will continue to grow in the coming years, as will the number of filling stations.

In the Netherlands, green gas (bio-CNG) and bio-LNG are made from waste streams (biomass) such as sewage sludge, landfill gas (gas from waste or rubbish landfilled ), manure and organic waste. In the near future, this non-fossil methane will also be produced from solar and wind energy (Power2Gas).

Since 2014, more than half of CNG service stations have supplied 100% green gas. Additionally, any fleet owner can purchase green gas certificates on the market. Each certificate represents real green gas produced elsewhere in the Netherlands and this renewable gas in road transport is certified and administered by law by the Ministry of Economy.

BioCNG and CNG have an energy tax of 0.16 euros per kg, in the Netherlands, and no excise duty. The total tax on CNG and green gas is much lower than that of gasoline and diesel, so CNG and green gas are cheap fuels. The BPM (Tax on Passenger Cars and Motor Vehicles at the time of purchase) and the additional tax benefit are the same as for gasoline cars, but lower than for diesel vehicles. CNG passenger vehicles are subject to the motor vehicle tax (MRB) according to the G3 rate.

Average CNG Price in the Netherlands in

The Average Price of CNG in the Netherlands in is



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Price list by Service Station in the Netherlands

OG CLEAN FUELSThe Hague1,799
OG CLEAN FUELSTilburg1,799
ROLANDEVeghel 1,765
ROLANDEOude Tonge1,765
TAMOILWindesheim 1,799
TAMOILNieuwegein 1,799
TAMOILHoofddorp / Schiphol 1,799
TAMOILNijmegen 1,799
TAMOILWesepe 1,799
TAMOILSteenwijk 1,799
OG CLEAN FUELSDeventer 1,799

News about CNG prices in the Netherlands

March 10, 2022

A few years ago, compressed natural gas (CNG) was often sold as an eco-friendly alternative to gasoline engines. It was also cheaper. With the rise in the prices of gasoline and natural gas, those of CNG have to follow the same path. In fact, they are experiencing an exponential increase.

At that time, a kilo of CNG cost 0.8 euros at the pump, and it was a great alternative to gasoline. CNG-powered cars were also still equipped with a gas tank, so the fear of stalling on the way to the CNG pump disappeared overnight. In fact, at Toyota they were even experimenting with an Auris Hybrid with additional CNG tanks for an even larger radius.

Today, the cards are different. The Corona Virus crisis, and its combination with the war in Ukraine, is causing usury at the pump. 2 euros for a liter of diesel is no longer a bad dream, and gasoline prices have also skyrocketed in recent weeks. However, there they work with maximum prices, you hear it on the radio or elsewhere in the news every week these days. However, those maximum prices do not apply to CNG, so now you easily pay 3.5 euros for a kilo. Much more than the 89 cents that were enough a few years ago. So there you are with your small tank of gas in your almost brand new CNG car.

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