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As a strategic policy to move the population away from over-dependence on biomass and reduce its associated problems, as well as problems arising from poor electricity supply throughout Africa, many of the African governments have recently introduced the use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). LPG is possibly the cleanest and most efficient fuel available today. It is portable and convenient to use, with significant health, safety and environmental benefits compared to the traditional fuels used on the continent: wood, charcoal, coconut husk, maize husk and charcoal.

One of the main components of the promotion was the subsidisation of LPG in an attempt to make it more affordable for households and most commercial transport vehicles in some countries such as Ghana, Senegal or Nigeria, switched from using petrol to LPG because of the economic benefit due to the lower subsidised prices.

Even if the LPG infrastructure is limited, from storage facilities to vehicle supply, which has led to an inadequate supply of LPG, the growth in the use of Autogas in Africa is evident and augurs for even greater use in the coming decades mainly due to the low price of LPG compared to other alternative fuels.

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