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Natural gas vehicles can refuel at pumps similar to those designed for diesel or gasoline vehicles. There is an incipient network of service stations that offer CNG in Portugal, with public service stations and private service stations for fleets.

A typical CNG station includes a compressor, gas dryer, storage containers, dispensers, and underground piping. In most cases, a CNG station in Portugal is created by connecting a fuel compressor to the nearest underground natural gas distribution network.

Service stations can refuel a fleet of vehicles in one location for a long period of time, with several vehicles refueling at the same time. This eliminates the problem of drivers queuing for a limited number of fuel pumps, minimizes labor, and ensures full refueling of up to 3,600 psi.

Due to the support of the Government of Portugal in its commitment to implement Compressed Natural Gas as an alternative fuel to diesel and gasoline, the price of CNG in Portugal is cheap and very appealing compared to other traditional fuels.

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February 23, 2022.

The environment minister said on Wednesday that those who directly consume natural gas will "inevitably" feel the price increase due to the situation in Ukraine, which led Germany to suspend certification of the Nord Stream 2, to transport the gas Russian.

"Those who directly use natural gas will feel this increase because it is inevitable, Portugal does not set this price, it is the price of a raw material, which is set throughout the world," the Minister of Environment and Climate Action told reporters. , João Matos Fernandes, on the sidelines of the final conference of the E+C Project promoted by the CIP-Portuguese Business Confederation, at the Thalia Theater in Lisbon.

Although around 35% of electricity in Portugal is generated from natural gas, the governor pointed out that this is an increase in the price at source that does not mean an increase for consumers.

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